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Remembering Polio

The Polio History Pages

The Minnesota Fish Quiz

Educational History Timeline

German-American Internet Scavenger Hunt

Lesson Plans and Resources Unique to this Site

Free Stuff For Teachers, Students, and Homeschoolers

Lesson Plans and Information about Minnesota

Fishes of Minnesota: An Online Quiz

Lesson Plans for Multiple Subjects

Subject-Specific Lesson Plans and Resources:

English/Language Arts
Literature for Children
Literature for Adolescents
U.S. Geography
World Geography
Reading - New!!
Other Social Studies
World Languages

Specialty Lesson Plans and Resources
Lesson Plans for Building Community, Social Skills, Kindness, and Friendship

Lesson Plans for Feelings, Self-Esteem, Values, and Bullying Prevention

Creativity/Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Lesson Plans

Resources for Teaching Gifted and Talented Students

Special Education Lesson Plans and Resources

Multicultural Lesson Plans and Resource

Learning Theories and Teaching Models

Holiday Lesson Plans and Resources

American Educational History

Classroom Management

Zoos and Animals



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