Newspapers for Classrooms
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This site consists of links to directories for locating online newspapers, lesson plans for using newspapers, resources for creating classroom newspapers, journalism lesson plans, and online versions of many papers

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Newspaper Directories
|News Central
Find more than 3500 links to U.S. and international newspapers. See also
Want to learn what's happening in Canada? Find out by reading Canadian newspapers. The above page offers newspapers every province and territory.

Canadian Newspapers
Another listing of links to Canadian newspapers.

Minnesota Newspapers Online
Links to all Minnesota newspapers that have online editions.

Minnesota Newspaper Directory
Links and contact information for all Minnesota newspapers, including those which do not have online editions.

Best Online High School Newsletters
The top 20.

Lesson Plans and Resources for Using Newspapers in Classrooms

New York Times Learning Network
News summaries, a news quiz, daily lesson plans for teaching about current events, etc.

The interactive museum of news!  See their "Ed Tools."

Old News
An archive of vintage newspaper articles! A great way to spice up a history lesson.

100 Ways to Use Newspapers in the Classroom
Ideas organized by section and grade level.. See also A Teacher's Guide to Using Newspapers to Enhance Language Arts Skills.   

Ten Great Activities: Teaching with the Newspaper
From Education World. See also Read All About It! Ten Terrific Newspaper Lessons.

A Good Read: Literacy Strategies with Newspapers
A curriculum guide with eight units.

Newspapers in the Classroom with the Ellsworth American
Twelve lesson plans aligned with the Maine Learning Results.

Newspapers in the Digital Age
A lesson plan for middle-grade or high school students from PBS.

How to Teach Your Student about Fake News
A lesson plan from PBS. See also Evaluating Sources in  a "Post-Truth" World"

Fighting Fake News
A lesson plan from KQED Learning.  See also Fake News and What We Can Do about It and How to Spot Fake News.

News Literacy Curriculum for Teachers
Media literacy and reading skills lesson plans.

Reading the Newspaper
A middle-school lesson plan in which students critically read newspaper articles. See also Newspaper Scavenger Hunt.

Looking at Newspapers: Introduction
A lesson plan for grades 2-4.

Facilitating Discussion of Newspaper Articles in the ESL/EFL Classroom
Ideas for a discussion-based lesson.   

Lesson Plans and Resources for Creating Classroom or School Newspapers
Creating a Classroom Newspaper
A unit for grades 3-5 from Read-Write-Think. See also Creating a Classroom Newspaper for another unit.

School Newspaper Unit
One more unit! This one's for an electronic newspaper in the upper elementary to high school grades.

Creating a Classroom Newspaper
A big pdf document from the American Newspaper Publishers Association and The International Reading Association.

Make a Classroom Newspaper
Big bunch of worksheets for your classroom newspaper.   

Let's Write a Newspaper Story
A lesson plan aligned with the Maryland State Standards.

Writing a Newspaper Article
A lesson plan for grades 6-9.

Journalism Lesson Plans
School Journalism
A large number of lesson plans.

The Write Site
Journalism information and activities.

Media Smarts
Many lesson plans and activities for media topics.

Points of View in the News
A middle-grade lesson plan.

Exploring Bias and Exaggeration in News and Magazine Articles

A 6th-grade lesson plan.

How to Teach Your Student about Fake News
A lesson plan from PBS. See also Evaluating Sources in  a "Post-Truth" World"

Fighting Fake News
A lesson plan from KQED Learning.  See also Fake News and What We Can Do about It and How to Spot Fake News.

Sports Journalism Lesson Plan
 A high school lesson plan.

Newspaper Article - Viewing and Representing
A lesson plan for grades 6-8.

Magazine Ads and You, the Teenager
A mass media unit for grades 6-8.

Journalism Lessons
A set of lesson plans from Teach it Write.

Be the Press: Local Interviews, National News
A lesson plan in which students learn how to research and write a newspaper article.

Ethics in Journalism
A lesson plan designed to accompany the film, "The Most Dangerous Man in America."

Journalism 101
Lesson ideas for grades 6-12 from Scholastic

Online Newspapers
USA Today

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Minneapolis Star Tribune

St. Paul Pioneer Planet

Saint Cloud Times
Our local newspaper. Check it out; it's not bad!

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun-Times

New York Times

Washington Post

Los Angeles Times

Times of London

The Irish News

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