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Poetry Resources
Children's Poetry Archive
Searchable source for children's poetry and poets.

Short Poems from Marinela Reka.com

Mostly poetry for kids, with a lot of meaning. Poems of all sorts, like: Short, Scary, Funny, Family, Friendship, Seasons, Animals, Haiku, Cute,Cinquain, Limericks, Mask,Teen,Love, Heart Broken, War, Acrostic Poems, Imagination and a lot more

Academy of American Poets - for Educators (Poets.org)
Many resources, including teacher forums, pedagogical and critical essays, curriculum tools, lesson plans, and links.

The Poets
An alphabetical index to 161 companion sites of poems and poets.

Magnificent Rainbow
Exhibits that "highlight the wonder of kids playing around with poetic forms."

Teaching Poetry: Creating Genuine, Meaningful Responses
An ERIC Digest article.

Many poetry resources and activities.

RhymeZone Rhyming Thesaurus and Dictionary
Use this link to find the perfect rhyming word.

Glossary of Poetic Terms
Definitions, examples, quotations, and writer's guidelines. Check out the Related Links for other pages with literary terminology.

Favorite Poem Project
Audio and video of people reading their favorite poems.

The Poetry Resource
Collections of poems, links to sites for specific poets, poetry through time, poetry around the world, etc.

Poetry Lesson Plans
April is National Poetry Month
A "calendar activity" from Read-Write-Think. See also
April Is Poetry Month! from Education World for more lesson plans and resources.

The Poetry Archive
Many lesson plans for all grade levels.

The Poetry Page
Many lesson plans from "Outta Ray's Head."

Favorite Poem Project: Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans organized by grade level. Go to the Favorite Poem Project's home page.

Poetry Out Loud -  Lesson Plans and Class Schedule

Several lesson plans. See their other teaching resources.

Teachnology - Poetry
Sixty poetry lesson plans!

General Poetry Resources
Many lesson plans from Web English Teacher.

Curriculum and Lesson Plans
Six units or lesson plans from The Academy of American Poets (Poets.org).

Teaching Poetry
Five Internet-based activities.

Writing Poetry with Rebus and Rhyme
A Read/Think/Write lesson plan for grades K-2.

Core Poetry and More
A 2nd-grade lesson plan from Core Knowledge. See also Poetry in Motion.

A Bear of a Poem: Composing and Performing Found Poetry
Another K-2 lesson plan from Read/Write/Think.

Poetry for the Elementary Classroom
A unit for grades 2-4 featuring the works of Shel Silvertsein and others.

Poetry: Developing a Taste
A 3rd-grade unit on poetry appreciation from Core Knowledge.  

Pageant of Poetry: A Center Approach
Another 3rd-grade lesson plan from Core Knowledge. See also Patchwork Poetry.

Dancing Minds and Shooting Smiles: Teaching Personificication Through Poetry
A Read/Write/Think lesson plan for grades 3-5.

Poetry from Prose
Another lesson plan for grades 3-5 from Read/Write/Think. See also What Makes Poetry? Exploring Line Breaks.

Poetry Anthology
A lesson plan for grade 3.

Picture Perfect Poetry
A 4th-grade lesson plan from Core Knowledge.

Steps Toward Writing Poetry
A unit for grades 4-6 that includes Grace Nichols' Coconut Kind of Day and other Caribbean poetry.

Lyrical Lessons Online
A 27-lesson unit for the intermediate grades complete with worksheets and a quiz

Teaching Poetry in New Formats
A unit for the intermediate grades.

Narrative Poetry
A 6th-grade unit. See also
"Casey at the Bat" and narrative poems.

Using Poetry in Teaching Reading to Special Education Students
A middle-grade unit featuring "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes.  

Poems That Work!
A middle-grade unit using the works of May Swenson and others.

What am I? Teaching Poerty through Riddles
An excellent lesson plan for grades 6-8 from
Read/Write Think.

Alliteration in Headline Poems
One more 6-8 lesson plan from Read/WriteThink.

Writing Free Verse in the "Voice" of Cesar Chavez
One more middle grade lesson plan from Read/Write/Think.

Let's Write Poetry

A lesson plan for grades 7-8 from CREATE for Mississipps.

Understanding and Appreciating Poetry: Afro-Americans and Their Poetry
A unit featuring the poetry of Arna Wendell Bontemps and others.

Finding New Voices: Native American Poets
An 8th-grade unit.

Real Old Rap
An 8th-grade lesson plan from Core Knowledge. See also Poetry-The Essence of Life for another 8th-grade lesson plan.

Onomatopoeia — A Poetry Lesson Plan
A lesson using excepts from famous poems.

Arabic Poetry: Guzzle a Ghazal
A high school lesson plan from Edsitement.

1900 America: Primary Sources and Epic Poetry
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from the Library of Congress.

Varying Views of America
Read/Write/Think lesson plan for grades 9-12.   

Poetry: Sound and Sense
Another lesson plan for grades 9-12 from Read/Write/Think.

Poetry of the Great War" "From Darkness to Light?"
A high school lesson plan from EDSITEment.

The Poetry of Emily Dickinson
A Teacher's Guide with ten lesson plans from The Bog Read. See also The Poetry of Robinson Jeffers, The Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and The Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe for other teacher's guides from The Bid Read.

Carl Sandburg's Chicago: Bringing a Great City Alive
A high school lesson plan from EDSITEment. See also Carl Sandburg Home and Historic Site Curriculum Materials, Poetry Pairing "Chicago" and Personification with "Grass" by Carl Sandburg.

Robert Frost's Mending Wall: A Marriage of Poetic Form and Content
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from EDSITEment. See also Teacher's Resources from The Robert Frost Farm Robert Frost Prompts the Poet in You, Discovering Robert Frost, and The Road Not Taken.

Edgar Allan Poe: An Author Unit
An Internet-based unit. Click here for a Poe Webliography.

The Stories and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe
A Teacher's Guide with ten lesson plans.

Edgar Allan Poe Poetry Readers Theater
A lesson plan for grades 8-9 that involves learning and then performing four of Poe's poems.

Meet Mr. Poe
A lesson plan for grades 9-11.

Haiku Lesson Plans
Teaching Haiku Poetry
Lesson plans and resources organized by grade level.

An Introduction to International Haiku
A lesson plan for grades 2-4. See also Haiku for You.

Haiku Starter
A lesson plan for grades 2-6 from Read-Write-Think.

Can You Haiku?
A high-quality lesson plan for grades 3-5.

Seasonal Haiku: Writing Poems to Celebrate Any Season
A lessson plan for grades 3-5 from Read/Write/Think.

Creating and Presenting Haiku with Kid Pix Subjects
This lesson plan from Education World is for grades 3-5.

The World of Haiku
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from EDSITEment.

Spring Haiku
A lesson plan for grades 6-12 from Education World. See also Haiku: Teaching Japanese Poetry Writing.

Another lesson plan for grades 6-12.

Haiku Links
An annotated list.

Cinquain Lesson Plans
W is for Worm
A lesson plan for preschool and the primary grades.

Composing Cinquain Poems: A Quick-QWriting Activity
A lesson plan for grades 1-2.

Spring Cinquain
A 3rd-grade lesson plan.

Cinquain Syllables
A lesson plan from Crayola.

Valentine Cinquain Poems
A lesson plan for grades 3-4.

Composing Cinquain Poems with Basic Parts of Speech
A Read/Write/Think lesson plan for grades 3-5.

Another lesson plan for grade 3-5.

Bring Your Lessons to Life with the Cinquain Poetry Form
One more lesson plan for grades 3-5.

Limerick Lesson Plans
Lear, Limericks, and Literature
Lessons for grades 5 and up using the works of Edward Lear.  

Edward Lear, Limericks and Nonsense
A similar lesson plan for grades 3-5 from

Teachers' Lab - Limerick Factory
Students create limericks online.   

The Book of Nonsense Volume 2
A lesson plan for grades 2-4.

A middle school lesson plan. See also Middle School Limerick Poem Lesson.

Lilting Limericks
A lesson plan complete with a scoring guide. See also How to Write a Limerick.

Edward Lear Home Page
All sorts of information.

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