World Geography Lesson Plans and Resources

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For additional resources on China, Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, Spanish-speaking countries, and Sweden, go to the World Languages Page.

Resources/Collections of Geography Lesson Plans
Geographic Teaching Resources
Great geography lessons and activities, many of which are constructivist.

Discovery Education Geography Lesson Plans
Many high-quality lesson plans.

Middle School World History and World Geography Free Lesson Resources
Free lesson plans, worksheets, activities, Power Points, and notes from a middle school social studies teacher.

A large, well organized collection of geography lesson plans and links from my friend Mr. Donn.

Maps and Globes Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans organized by grade level from World Maps Online.

Lesson Plans from the Illinois Geographic Alliance
Many lesson plans including some about Illinois, but also many on a wide variety of regions and topics.

Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12
Many lesson plans form the Geographic Alliance of Iowa.

Geography Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans from

Lesson plans from the New York Times Learning Network.

Geography and Maps
Lesson plans from the Library of Congress using primary source materials.

A World of Learning
Lesson plans for Geography Week form Education World.

Geographical Association UK)
Resources from "
The leading subject association for all teachers of geography."

USGS Learning Web
Click on a grade level, and then click on geography in the left-side menu.

The Five Themes of Geography Lesson Plans
5 Themes of Geography    
Many lesson plans from my friend Mr. Donn.

Education World's Five Times Five
Five activities for teaching each of geography's five themes.

Teaching the Five Themes of Geography Using the Newspaper

Several activities from the Anderson County Schools (KY).

Five Themes of Geography
An "interactive notebook unit."

Five Themes of Geography: A Basis for Understanding Geography
A lesson plan for grades 5 through high school from the Arizona Geographic Society.

Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport
A 3rd-grade lesson plan examining the five themes of geography.

Finding the Five Themes of Geography
A lesson plan for grades 3/4 from
Five Themes of Geography
An explanation and a secondary-level assignment to be given following definitions and examples of the five themes.

The Five Themes of Geography

A lesson plan for grades 6-7 from Learn NC. See also Exploring the 5 Themes of Geography for another lesson plan for grades 6-8.

Teaching the Five Themes of Geography: One Grain of Rice at a Time
A lesson plan for grades 7-12 designed "to help students understand the 5 themes of geography, and apply these concepts to an activity designed to donate rice to an area in the world to help feed the hungry.

Looking at Our Community
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from Learning to Give combining the five themes and philanthropy! See also Looking at Our Community: Lesson 2, Lesson 3, and Lesson 4.

Minnesota Road Trip
An intermediate to middle-grade lesson plan exploring four of the five themes of geography (location, place, movement, and regions) as they relate to Minnesota through the detailed planning of a seven-day trip around the state. Though this lesson plan is specific to Minnesota, the lesson concept could be used for teaching the geography of any state.

Geographic Features/Landforms/Biomes Lesson Plans
Links to information and lesson plans from The Teacher's Corner. Scroll down the page to find the lesson plan links.   

What's It Like Where You Live?
Biomes of the world, freshwater ecosystems, marine ecosystems.

Biomes of the World
Lesson plans from The Wild Classroom.

An Internet-based, cooperative learning lesson plan.

Habitats of the World
An elementary lesson plan from Discovery Education.

Biomes of the World
An Internet-based middle school unit.

Biomes: Land of the Inuit
A computer-based lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education.

A 1st or 2nd-grade lesson plan using Peter Murray's book by this title. The lesson is from Opening Doors to Social Studies With Children's Literature.

Lovely Rivers
A lesson plan for grades 5-9 integrating geography and music.

Many lesson plans and resources from my science page.

Desert Lesson Plans
Links to several lesson plans and activities in English and Hebrew! See also Desert Animals and Drylands/Deserts Themes Page.

Tall as a Mountain, Flat as a Plain
A primary-grade lesson plan from Scholastic. See also Mountains: Everything You Need for many additional teaching resources.

The Formation of Mountains
A lesson plan from the National Park Service.

Maps Lesson Plans
Map Skills
Lesson plans and resources from Mr. Donn's pages.

Maps and Globes Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans organized by grade level from World Maps Online.

Map Lessons: The Route to Improved Geography Skills
Five lesson plans from Education World.

An Introductory Lesson on Maps
A lesson plan for grades 1-2.

Map Drawing Skills
An elementary lesson plan.

Where in the World Are We Vacationing?
A lesson plan for grades 3-8 in which students use longitude and latitude coordinates to locate vacation destinations.

Geography, Map Skills & the Internet
A lesson plan for grades 6-8.

A Place of My Own: A Study of Maps
A 4th-grade unit integrating writing and math with map skills.

Topographic Map Resources for Teachers
Download free digital topographic maps from the USGS. See also 27 Ideas for Teaching With Topographic Maps.

Google Maps
Get directions or see a satellite view.

Altapedia World Maps On Line
Full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Quick Maps
Maps and information about any country or region of the world.

National Geographic
Maps and information about magazine and TV features. See their lesson plan Map Skills for Elementary Students.

Geography WebQuests

Five Themes of Geography WebQuest
See also WebQuest Five Themes of Geography.

Where in the World?
A WebQuest on the geography of the Western Hemisphere.

Across the U.S.A.
A WebQuest for grades 4-9.

Randy's Radical Vacation
A WebQuest on regions of the U.S. for 4th graders.

US Geography WebQuest
For grade 5.

Journey Across Asia: Encountering the People, Places, and Geography
A middle-grade WebQuest.

Geography of SW Asia

A WebQuest from the Hall County Schools (GA).

WebQuest: Geography of SE Asia
For 7th grade.

Latin American Geography WebQuest
See also South America: A Class Field Trip.

Australia: A WebQuest
See also Australia WehQuest.

African Geography WebQuest
A WebQuest in which students create a virtual scrapbook to illustrate their learning.

A 5th-grade WebQuest.

European Passport WebQuest
For Grades 6-8.

Oceans Lesson Plans
NOAA Ocean Service Education -  Lesson Plan Library
Many lesson plans for a variety of subject areas. See also
Ocean Explorer.

Ocean Portal - Educators' Corner
Lesson plans and more from the Smithsonian.

Jean-Michael Cousteau Ocean Adventures - For Educators
Lesson plans, games, videos, etc. from PBS.

Sea Semester
Many lesson plans for a variety of grade levels on oceanography, nautical science, and marine biology.

Over in the Ocean
A mini-lesson for second grade.  See also 4 Ocean Song.

An Introduction to the Ocean World
A 4th-grade lesson plan.

Understanding Oceans
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education.

Celebrate the Year of the Ocean
Many lesson ideas from Education World. See also An Ocean of Activities.

The Physical Geography of East Asia Tsunamis
A Web-based lesson plan.

Tsunami Lesson Plans
Links to lesson plans and resources from Teachnology.

Under the Deep Blue Sea
An interdisciplinary K-2 unit

Ocean Unit Study
From Eclectic Homeschool Online.

Continents/The World Lesson Plans
Around The World
A lesson plan for grades K-5 from Discovery Education.

Calling All Continents
A 1st-grade lesson plan from

Travel the Seven Continents!
An activity for grade 3.

Exploring the Seven Continents
A 3rd-grade lesson unit.

Continents Game
An activity for grades 4-6.

The Continent Game
Different from the above, this is a lesson plan for grades 5-6 in which students learn to correctly order the continents in terms of area, population, and other characteristics.

Build The Continents
A hands-on lesson plan for grades 4-6.

The Equator
A lesson plan for grades 6-8.

Countries of the World
Resource for information, flags, maps of virtually any country. The index is alphabetical.

The Greatest Places
Explore seven great places (Amazon, Greenland, Iguazu, Madagascar, Namib, Okavango, and Tibet) through maps, pictures, and text.

Lonely Planet: Destinations
Information, maps, slide shows for virtually every country in the world.

Africa: It's Not a Country
A large collection of elementary lesson plans for teaching about a variety of topics including African geography, culture, folktales, arts, and languages

Fifty-Three Nations of Africa
One elementary lesson plan from the above site.

Lessons from Africa
Teaching resources from Send a Cow Education.

Jambo Means Hello: An Introduction to Swahili
An elementary lesson from Africa: It's Not a Country.

Daily Life in Africa
Many elementary lesson plans.

Explore and Discover Africa with Safari Cards
From the California Academy of Sciences.

Sahara Desert
An early elementary lesson plan in which students create and label a watercolor picture of the Sahara Desert.

The Seven Natural Wonders of Africa
Another early elementary lesson plan.

The African Slave Trade
An elementary grade lesson plan.

The Africa Quiz
An online African Geography quiz.

Specific African Countries:

Angola Unit Study Lesson Plan: General Facts
Information and ideas for a lesson plan.

Cameroon Student Activity Book & Teacher Lesson Plans
From St Aiden’s Home school South Africa.

Congo in the Classroom: A Resource for Teachers
Three lesson plans from RAISE Hope for Congo.

Ways to Teach About the Unrest in Egypt
From the NY Times Learning Network. See also Egypt's Uprising, Egypt and Democracy and Breaking News English: Violence Erupts Across Egypt.

Egypt's Pyramids: Monuments with a Message
A lesson plan for grades 3-5. For an elementary lesson plan about Cairo, see The Day of Ahmed's Secret. For lesson plans on ancient Egypt, go to Egyptian Antiquities (grades 6-8) or Ancient History (many lesson plans).

The Achievements and Challenges of Egypt
A unit from
The Odyssey: Teacher Zone.

Cairo: Living Past Living Future
An interactive web unit exploring history, culture, society, geography, and environment of this fascinating city.  See also The Nile for a middle-grade lesson plan.

Material World: How Do American Children Compare To Ethiopian Children?
A lesson plan for the elementary grades.

A Trip to Gambia
A lesson plan for the early elementary grades. See also A Voyage to West Africa: The Gambia.  

A 2-week unit for grades 4-5 on the African country of Kenya. See also Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain for an elementary grade lesson plan.

Bringing Water to a Village in Lesotho
A simulation for the middle grades. See also Lesotho.

Little America in Liberia
A high school lesson plan. See also Liberia and the United States: Historic Ties and Policy Decisions.

Libya Lesson Plans
From the Lesson Corner

NATO Campaign Begins in Libya As Unrest Spreads Elsewhere
An ESL lesson plan.

The Wilds of Madagascar
Lesson plans from NOVA including Madagascar - The Eighth Continent.

The Achievements and Challenges of Mali
An elaborate web-based unit from
The Odyssey: Teacher Zone. See also Bambara in Mali.

Nigeria: A Case Study of an African Nation
A unit plan for 3rd-grade gifted and talented students. See also Nigeria Theme Unit.

Rwanda Commemoration Project: Genocide in Our Time
Resources and a lesson plan from the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. See also The Rwanda Crisis 1994.

Information and activities from Go West Africa.

A Child's Daily Life in South Africa
A lesson plan for the early elementary grades. See also Appreciating Freedom: An End to  Apartheid in South Africa and  South Africa: The Day the Apartheid Ended.  

Grinding Corn in Swaziland
An elementary-grade lesson plan on the African nation of Swaziland.

Journey to a Wildlife Park in Tanzania
A lesson plan for the early elementary grades.

Physical Geography of Africa South of the Sahara: Tanzania
A Web-based lesson plan.

Zaire: The Land of Dense Forests
A 5th-grade lesson plan.

The Achievements and Challenges of Zimbabwe
Lesson plans and resources for learning about Zimbabwe from The Odyssey: Teacher Zone.  See their Southern Africa - Teachers Guide for additional lesson plans..

Africa: Country-Specific Information
A clickable index of African countries.

Middle East
See also World/Comparative Religions for resources and lesson plans on Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, and go to World Languages for resources and lesson plans on the Arabic language.  

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Many lesson plans listed in alphabetical order.

The Geography of the Middle East
Two high school lesson plans from Teaching the Middle East (University of Chicago).

Middle East and North African Geography
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from PBS. See also Mapping the Middle East.

Geography of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
A lesson plan from Portland State University based on the Oregon Social Studies Standards. See their other Middle East Teaching Tools.

Middle East: Land of Contrasts
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education.

The Basics: Understanding the Upheaval in the Middle East
A lesson plan from the NY Times Learning Network.

Unrest in the Middle East
Resources from Scholastic.

Middle East - Teachers Guide
Many lesson plans on a variety of topics from
The Odyssey: Teacher Zone.

Middle East Primer
A lesson plan for ages 10 and up from the World Peace Society.  

Peace in the Middle East
Another lesson plan from
World Peace Society.  

Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Classroom Simulation

A 7th-grade activity.

Middle East WebQuest
See also Modern Middle East WebQuest.

Exploring the Middle East: Hands-On Approaches
Three lesson plans developed during the 2002 Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

Jerusalem: History of the Holy Land
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 which explores the importance of Jerusalem to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Where in the World Is Israel?
A fifth-grade lesson plan. Downloading this lesson requires SMART Notebook software. See also Geography of Israel and other similar lesson plans.

The U.S. Recognition of the State of Israel
Although this excellent  lesson plan using Internet documents deals primarily with history, it is impossible to separate history from the geography of the region. 

Asia for Educators
An extensive resource from Columbia University with many lesson plans.

East Asia in Geographic Perspective
One resource from the above site that includes 18 lesson plans.

Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources on Southeast Asia
Fourteen lesson plans from Northern Illinois University.

Southeast Asia Unit for Middle School Students
Ten lesson plans from the above site.

What is Southeast Asia?
A high school lesson plan in pdf format, also from NIU. See also Population Density in Southeast Asia.

World Geography Unit 3: North Africa and Southwest Asia
An elaborate unit from Georgia Standards.

West Asia: People. Places, and Issues
A 7th-grade unit.

Asia: Tradition and Culture
A middle-grade lesson plan from Discovery Education. See also Asia's Global Influence.

Knowledge Master: Asian Geography Quiz
A weekly quiz.

Specific Asian Countries (Organized Alphabetically):

Afghanistan Today: Civil War and Human Rights
A high school lesson plan from PBS.

The Geography of Afghanistan
A lesson plan form National Gteographic.

Afghanistan Study
An Internet-based assignment for grade 9.

Lesson Plans on Cambodia: Soul Survivors – Stories of Women and Children in Cambodia
Nine lesson plans for grades 8-12 from the
Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University.

Asia for Educators: China
Elementary-level resources and lesson plans including Mapping Perceptions.

Geography of China
A lesson plan from Journey to China.

Chinese Geography: Readings and Maps
Information for a unit.

Lesson Plans on China
Another site with many lesson plans. This one is from NCTA Ohio.

Following the Great Wall
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Edsitement.

China: Thematic Unit Activities
Many activities and worksheets suitable for the elementary grades.

China: People and Places
An elementary-grade lesson plan from Discovery Education.

Building an Empire: Mapping China
A lesson plan from the Asia Society in which s
tudents understand China and its geography by creating travel brochures for China's nine distinct regions.

India/Pakistan: Dispute Over Kashmir
A mini-unit for grades 6-12.

Five Themes of Geography and India
A middle-grade lesson plan.

Incredible India
A lesson plan from the Geographical Association (UK).

The Physical Geography of Southeast Asia - Indonesia
A web-based activity.

Mapping Japan
A lesson plan from Crayola.

Geography of Japan
A unit planning guide for grades 9-10 from the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia - Ohio. See their other lesson plans on Japan.

The Geography of Japan
A middle-grade lesson plan in pdf format. For information on Japanese children, see Kid's Web Japan.

Japan's Geography    
Information and map exercises.

Japan: Images of a People
The first lesson in a 3-lesson unit from Smithsonian Education. It focuses on the geographic location and features of Japan.

Lesson Plans on Korea
Many lesson plan also from the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia, including Geography of Korea.

Korea's Geography: How Do you Describe a Nation
One lesson plan from East Asia in Geographic Perspective.

What's Mongolia Really Like?
A lesson plan adaptable to grades 3-8 in which students look at Mongolian culture through the eyes of a Peace Corps volunteer.

The Mongol Empire
A lesson plan, complete with handouts, appropriate for the middle or high school levels, dealing with the geography and people of Mongolia.

A Lesson plan in Geography
A 6th-grade lesson plan on the geography of the Philippines.
Explore the Essence of Thailand

A virtual field trip.

Lesson Plans on Turkey
Many lesson plans from the Turkish Cultural Foundation including Turkey via Five Themes of Geography. For additional information about Turkey, go to THUS About Turkey.  

Picturing Vietnam
A 7th-grade lesson plan from Learn NC. See also Geography of Vietnam.

Oceania/Pacific Rim
Oceania and the Pacific Rim
Lesson plans from Mr. Donn. See a map of Oceania.

The Geography of Oceania
A 6th-grade lesson plan.

Borneo: Island in the Clouds
Two lesson plans as well as information for teachers.

2010 Census Guam
Many lesson plans including Guam     Lesson 2: Where We Live and Mapping Districts. See also Guampedia Lesson plans.

Window Into a Different Culture
A high school lesson plan from the Peace Corp World Wise Schools about cultural values in Papua New Guinea.

Australia and New Zealand
A long list of lesson plans and resources from Mr. Donn.

Australian Units
Many units for teaching about Australia.

Lesson Plans for Australian Animals and Biomes
Many activities for grades 4-12.

Five-Day Australian Mini-Unit
A grade 4 unit that can be modified for other grade levels. 
For more information on Australian, go to Embassy of Australia.  

Where in the World is Australia
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 in which students locate Australia on a world map and use an outline map of the country to complete a map-skills worksheet. It is one lesson from a unit titled Australia: Lessons about the "Land Down Under."

Australia: The Land Down Under
An upper elementary unit with many lesson plans.

Australia Day Mini-Unit
A five-lesson unit about Australia Day (January 26).

Melbourne Integrated Mini-Unit
A 5-lesson unit on this Australian City from Australian Curriculum Lessons: Geography.

Traveling Apples
A primary-grade lesson plan on New Zealand. See also the New Zealand Curriculum Online.

Leave No Trace New Zealand
Several lesson plans on New Zealand's ecology and culture.

Spot on News Lessons for Teens: New Zealand: Air Land and Sea
Elementary, intermediate, and advanced lessons. See also Maori Bird Kite and ESL/EFL Lesson on New Zealand's Maori Land Deal.

European Geography Lesson Plans and Information

Mr. Donn's European Resources and Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans and resources on Europe and European countries. 

Physical Geography of Europe

Two middle-grade activities from National Geographic.

Geography Action! Mapping Europe
A Toolkit with activities for all grade levels from National Geographic.

Describing Europe the Continent
One more activity for grades K-2 from National Geographic.

City Life in Europe
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education.

Unit 6; Europe and Russia: People, Places, and Issues
A 6th-grade unit.

Eastern Europe
Extensive information, discussion and study questions, as well as a geography quiz.

European Geography
A 30-minute high school lesson plan.

EU Lesson Plans and Teaching Material
Many lesson plans for all grade levels from the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.

Many lesson plans and teaching resources from the New York Times Learning Network.

The European Union
A web-based activity. See also Exploring the Objectives of the European Union.

Lesson Plans for AP European History
From AP Central.

Specific European Countries (Organized Alphabetically)
Austria: Land of Waltzes and Polkas
A music-based lesson plan for grades 3-5 from the Smithsonian.

French Geography Classroom Games
From Bright Hub.

French Connections
Six activities from EDSITEment.

City Life in Europe

A middle-grade lesson plan exploring Paris and its landmarks.

The Geography of Germany: Lessons for Teaching the Five Themes of Geography
Click on Download full text to see the lesson plans.

Welcome to Germany
An online activity.

Berlin: Division and Reunification
A lesson plan for grades 5-12.

About the United Kingdom (Great Britain)
A WebQuest.

This site was developed for teachers in North Yorkshire LEA and includes many links that would be helpful for anyone interested in teaching or learning about Great Britain.

How Did the Geography of Greece Affect Early Civilizations?
A lesson plan in which students learn how the geography of Greece influence the way people lived and how they interacted with others.

The Culture of Iceland
A web-based lesson plan.

Forced to Flee: Famine and Plague
A middle school lesson plan on the Irish potato famine.

Ireland Now
Good source of information. See also Ireland: An Interactive Travel Guide.

Ryan's Daughter
A lesson plan using the movie.

Discovering Ireland
A WebQuest. See also Ireland WebQuest.

Italy: Life and Culture
A lesson plan for grades 2-4.

World of Wonders Project: The Norway Expedition
Great resource for lessons on Norway.

A 3rd-grade thematic unit.

Discovering Portugal
An Internet-based 5th-grade lesson plan.

Unit 6; Europe and Russia: People, Places, and Issues
A 6th-grade unit.

Face of Russia: Living Under Communism
A high school lesson plan. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access 4 other lessons from the Face of Russia unit.

Teaching Geography: Workshop 6 - Russia
Two lesson plans in pdf format.

Faces of Russia
A 5th-grade lesson plan.

Mr. Donn's Russia and Her Neighbors
Many lesson plans and resources.

Rivers of Serbia and the Russian Far East
A lesson plan for advanced high school students.

Spain - The History, Language Expression, Creative Arts, Sports, and Cities
An Internet-based lesson plan for grades 3-5.

An "educational adventure."

Spain Geography Game
From Cyberkids.

Sweden Tourism
A secondary Internet-based lesson plan. See also the U.N. for Kids Sweden page.

The Arctic Circle
A long list of lesson plans on the Arctic and polar regions from Mr. Donn.

Many lesson plans, activities, and worksheets from ProTeacher. 

The Arctic
Essays and  lesson plans for a variety of grade levels from NOAA Ocean Explorer.

Arctic Ocean Exploration
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from NOAA Ocean Explorer.

Biomes: Arctic Wild
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education. See also Biomes: Arctic Changes and Antarctica for other middle-grade lesson plans.

When Will the Arctic Ice Cap Disappear?
A lesson plan for grades 11-12.

Arctic Animals
A primary-grade lesson plan from LearnNC.

How Polar Bears Stay Warm
A 1st/2nd-grade lesson plan.

About Arctic Animals
Information and photos from the Arctic Theme Page of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Live from Antarctica
A virtual field trip and teacher's guides to accompany the programs which air on NASA-TV.

Latin America
Flags of Latin America        
A lesson plan for grades 6-8.

Reflections in a Latin American Mirror
An extensive unit intended for an integrated, literature based elementary curriculum.

Traveling Latin America
A WebQuest for 6th grade. See also Travel to Latin America

Curriculum Units and Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans for all grade levels from the Center for Latin American Studies at Cornell University.

Border and Latin American Information
Excellent site for Latin American studies  from the University of New Mexico.

Mexico Lesson Plans, Games, and Activities
Links to many lesson plans and units from Mr. Donn.

A Close Look at Mexico
An elementary unit.

Geography of Mexico and Central America
A lesson plan for grades 3-5 from the Discovery Channel School.

Mexico Geography
A 5th-grade lesson plan from TeacherLink.

Oaxaca Geography and Climate
A KWL lesson plan from a unit on the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Mexican WebQuest   
See also
Moving to Mexico Webquest

Baja California
Several lesson plans from Quest Connect.

Mexico Online
Directory of information about Mexico.

Information about and links to everything Mexican.

Central America
Central America and the Caribbean
Lesson plans and activities from Mr. Donn.

Central America
Lesson plans as well as printable maps and worksheets from ProTeacher.  

Geography of Mexico and Central America
A lesson plan for grades 3-5 from Discovery Education.

Central America Group Map Project
An activity for the middle grades.

A lesson plan on the geographical features of Belize.

The Rain Forest of Costa Rica
A 5th-grade lesson plan.

Physical Geography of Central America: Costa Rica
A Web-based activity from Glencoe World Geography.

Journey to El Salvador
Lesson plans for Pre K and Kindergarten.

The Achievements and Challenges of Guatemala
A unit exploring many aspects of Guatemalan life, history, and culture. though no grade level is specified, the unit seems appropriate for the intermediate grades and up. See also Easter in Guatemala for many other lesson plans.

The True Cost of Coffee
A lesson  plan about growing coffee in Honduras.

Panama Canal: Teacher's Guide
A guide for the PBS American Experience video.

Panama Canal
Background, lesson plans, puzzles, and games from Resources 4 Educators.

The Panama Canal
A web-based lesson plan. See also Panama Canal and Panama Canal Museum.

South America
South America
Links to lesson plans and activities from Mr. Donn.

Geography of South America
A lesson plan for grades 3-5 from the Discovery Channel School.
See also Tour of South America for a middle school lesson plan from Discovery.

Let's Go to Argentina
A primary-grade unit on Argentine geography, culture, and language.

Learning About Argentina
Lesson plans and links from Homeschool Creations. See Argentina Home for a map and information.

Dinosaurs in Argentina
Not really that much about geography, but a cool middle grade lesson plan, nonetheless.   

Bolivia's Geography
A 7th-grade lesson plan.   

Bolivia: Teacher's Guide
From Discovery Education, this resource provides discussion questions and a lesson plan based on the video, South America Today: Bolivia.

For Teachers: Bolivia
Resources from KET (Kentucky) Education.

A View of Brazil: The Culture and Geography
A lesson plan for grades 4-6.

The Brazil Page
A quiz and a lesson plan. See also Lesson Plan/Brazil Unit.

Regions of Chile Using the Five Themes of Geography
A lesson plan for grades 7-12.

Learning About Chile
Lesson plans and links from Homeschool Creations.

The Andean Countries: Colombia
A lesson plan complete with a student Web activity from Glencoe Online.

Five Themes of Geography and Ecuador
An elaborate unit complete with handouts, worksheets and maps.

Amazon Interactive
Online activities exploring the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Amazon Rainforest Unit
A 10-day 1st-grade unit. See also Amazing Amazon Life.

Journey Into Amazonia
Teacher resources from PBS.

Five lesson plans from Quest Connect.  

An Internet-based 7th-grade lesson plan

Uruguay Guide
Information and map fro National geographic.

Learning About Venezuela
Lesson plans and links from Homeschool Creations.

The Way to Venezuela
A lesson plan from the NY Times.

Galapagos: Beyond Darwin
An Internet-based lesson plan for middle-school students. See also Classroom Investigations: Adventuring in the Archipelago.  

Caribbean Nations/Region
A 2nd-grade unit on the people and cultures of the Caribbean Islands using Arthur Dorros' book by the above title.

Geography of the Caribbean
A lesson plan for grades 3-5 from the Discovery Education.

Central America and the Caribbean
Lesson plans and activities.

El Sabor del Caribe (A Taste of the Caribbean)
A unit designed for a high school Spanish class in which students learn about the symbolism of food in the oral and written literature of the Caribbean.

Thawing Relations: Teaching About Cuba and the U.S.
A lesson plan from the NY Times.

U.S. - Cuba Relations
An Internet-based high school history and geography lesson plan.

The Heritage of Cuba and Puerto Rico
A four-lesson unit.

Puerto Rican Studies for Kids
Information, activities, printables, and quizzes for an elementary unit. See also Geography of Puerto Rico.

Statehood for Puerto Rico? You Decide!
A high school lesson plan. 

Touring the Dominican Republic
A middle school lesson plan.

Haiti - One Year Later
A lesson plan from the Pulitzer Center. See also Earthquake in Haiti and Teaching About Haiti.

Adventure in the Caribbean: Effects of the Discovery of Haiti- Martinique and Guadeloupe
A unit for grades 7 and 8 focusing on  the islands of Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe.

Canada: Lesson Plans and Resources
Government of Canada Official Site
Get information on Canada and the Canadian Government from this official government site.

Atlas of Canada
Maps of everything Canadian. See their Learning Centre.

Canadian Council For Geographic Education: Classroom Activities
Many ideas for classroom activities organized by subject.

The Canadian Social Studies Super Site
This annotated list of web sites for Canadian social studies teachers should also be useful for U.S. teachers and students.

Study Canada Summer Institute Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans organized by topic. See their Basic Geography of Canada Lesson Plan.

Links to many lesson plans and activities.

Origins of Canada's Geographical Names
A great deal of information that would be useful for lesson planning.

Hands Across the Border
A 3rd-grade unit from Core Knowledge. See also Canada, A Land Rich in Beauty and Culture for another 3rd-grade unit from Core Knowledge.

Geography of Canada
A lesson plan for grades 3-5 from Discovery Education.


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