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Free lesson plans and resources for those teaching world cultures and world religions.
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Defining Culture Lesson Plans
What is Culture?
A lesson plan from Mr. Donn.

What is Culture?
Different from the above lesson, this one is from and is for the primary grades.

Cultural Identity and Values: What is Culture?
A high school lesson plan from the Anti-Defamation League.

Defining Popular Culture
A high school lesson plan from Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy.

Everyone Has a Culture - Everyone is Different
A lesson plan from the Peace Corps.

Culture is Everywhere
A lesson plan emphasizing the role culture plays in our lives and promoting acceptance.

Culture Race and Ethnicity
A lesson plan from the Government of Australia for their Harmony Week.

What is Culture? And How Do We Study It?
Definitions and information from Culture Quest. See also Explorations for Students.

World Cultures Lesson Plans
Around the World, A Multicultural Unit
For grades K-1.

National Peace Corps Association: Global Ed
Many classroom materials including lesson plans.

Earth, Universe, and Culture

A lesson plan for grades 5-8 from PBS.

Investigating World Cultures

A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Education World.

Comparing Cultures
A lesson plan for grades K-5 from Discovery education.

Digital Story Writing: Cultural Myths
A high school lesson plan.

100 People: Global Issues through Our Lens
"A current events curriculum guide for middle and high schools."

Food and Celebration: Mini unit
A lesson plan for grades 4-5 emphasizing that celebrations are affected by culture.

What Do People Around the World Eat?
A high school lesson plan from Learning to Give.

Exploring World Cultures through Folk Tales
An elementary lesson plan from Read-Write-Think.

Culture Aids
A three-period lesson plan for grades 6-8 in which students identify elements of cultural differences found in books about children from different continents.

International Festival: Passport to the World
Many lesson plans including several about specific countries.

Mexican Culture and History through Its National Holidays
A middle school lesson plan.

4 Spanish Culture Lesson Plans Your Students Will Love
Lesson plans for Spanish classes.

Asia Society
Lesson plans about Asia and the world.

East Asia Studies Center: Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans on China, Japan, and Korea. Scroll through the lessons to find those specifically dealing with culture.

Introduction to the Arab World
See also Who Are the Arab Americans?

World Cultures Resources for Teachers
World Culture and Resources
From the Library of Congress.

Resources from UNESCO.

CIA World Factbook
Information on virtually every country in the world!

Country Guides
A "Global Guide to Culture, Customs, and Etiquette.

World History and Culture Resources
Many resources from TPS-Barat Primary Source Nexus.

Cultural Awareness
Cultural Awareness
A lesson plan for the intermediate grades.

Developing Awareness: An Intercultural Communication Lesson Plan
A lesson plan for intermediate and advanced-level students."

Teaching Cultural Awareness Using the Four Skills
A unit for an ESL classroom.

Cultural Awareness
An elaborate unit.

World Religions Lesson Plans and Resources

Taking a Closer Look at World Religions
Teaching ideas for grades 6-12 from Teaching Tolerance. For excellent resources on world religions, go to The Major World Religions and Religious Tolerance: Religions of the World.

Lesson Plan Ideas: The World Religions
Lesson planning ideas for grades 6-12 from Education World.

How Have World Religions Shaped Who I Am Today?
Five lesson plans exploring the above question from Concept to Classroom.

Discovering World Religions
A 6th-grade unit plan.

The Spread of Religions
A unit from Bridging World History.

Argumentative Writing/Religions of the World Unit
A 14-day unit for grade 6 from the Utah Education Network.

Resources: World Religions
From the NY Times Learning Network.

World Religions WebQuest
See also Understanding Major Religions of the World for another WebQuest.

Rituals and Rites of Passage
A 5th or 6th-grade lesson plan.

Comparative Religion Investigation: What Happens When We Die?
A lesson plan from PBS for grades 9-12.

The Comparative Religions Page
A long list of links to related sites.

Europe's Languages and Religions
An activity for grades from National Geographic.

Jesus and the Rise of Christianity
A high school lesson plan from the Discovery Education. See also The Origins and Spread of Christianity.

The Roman Empire and Christianity
An elaborate lesson from the Stanford History Group.

Lesson1: The Origins of Christianity
A lesson plan from Houghton Mifflin World History: Ancient Civilizations. See Lesson 2: The Early Christians and Lesson 3: Rome and Christianity.

Making Sense of the Reformation in 1 Day
A 9th-grade lesson plan.

Christianity in Images
A Teacher's Guide from Twin Cities PBS. See also Catholic vs. Protestant for a comparison chart.

The Mormons
A teachers guide from PBS. See their lesson plan Vote or Veto: How Does Religion Affect Candidates and Voters? and Matters of the Latter Day: Ideas for Addressing Mormonism in the Classroom.

Lessons of the Indian Epics: Following the Dharma
A lesson plan exploring the Ramayana, an epic poem which provides insights into many aspects of Indian culture and the Hindu concept of Dharma.  

Religions of the World: Hinduism
A teacher's guide.

A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from Discovery Education. See also
Islam: History, Society And Civilization.

Islam 101 Online Course
An online course complete with tests. See also Five Pillars of Islam.

Islam and the West
An overview and suggestions for study from the Morningside Center for Teaching and Cocial Responsibility.

Islamic Art: Exploring the Visual Arts of the Middle East
A grade 7 unit with three lesson plans.

The Story of the Jews
Classroom resources from PBS.

Blue Monday and Friends: Traditional Jewish Holidays Come Alive Through The Art of Story-Telling
A primary-grade unit.

Classroom Resources
From the Lookstein Center for Jewish Education.

Jewish Culture
A lesson plan using the KWL method and Marilyn Sachs' book, A Pocket Full of Seeds.

Institute for Curriculum Services
Curricular resources including lesson plans about Israel and Judaism.

Religions of East Asia
A middle or high school lesson plan on the religions of East Asia.

Teaching with "The Buddha"
Teaching resources from PBS.

The Three Doctrines & Legalism
A lesson plan from Mr. Donn comparing Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

World Religions: Buddhism
Information from Education World

Buddhism and the Dalai Lama
A high school lesson plan from Discovery Education. 

Khalsa Kids Teachers' Corner
Classroom resources for teaching about Sikhism. See also Resources Archive -  Sikh Coalition.

Elementary Sikh Lesson Plan
A lesson plan from Khalsa Kids.

Middle School Sikhism Lesson Plan
See also High School Lesson Plan.


Teaching Tolerance
Classroom Activities from
Many excellent activities for a variety of subjects and lesson plans.

Teaching Tolerance 
Five lesson ideas from Education World.  See Teaching Tolerance: Additional Resources for a list of links to additional lesson plans.  

Museum of Tolerance: Teacher Resources
A Teacher's Guide, lesson plans, and rubrics.

Teaching Tolerance ~ Lesson Plans
Several lesson plans for a variety of grade levels from One World, One Heart Beating.

Tolerance Lessons and Materials
From the Beyond Tolerance

Tolerance in Times of Trial
A lesson plan for grades 6-12 from PBS America Responds that explores "the problems inherent in assigning blame to populations or nations of people."

Teaching Tolerance and Diversity
A middle-school lesson plan using The Diary of Anne Frank.

Understanding Stereotypes
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from Discovery Education.  

A 6th-grade lesson plan from the Social Studies School Service.


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