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Sites with Resources and Lessons for Multiple Languages
Professional translation services by PoliLingua at excellent value by qualified native speaker translators.

Language lessons, dictionaries, translation services, schools, organizations, jobs, etc. for a huge list of languages.

Foreign Language
High-quality lesson plans on language and culture from The National Endowment for the Humanities' EDSITEment.

Teacher Toolbox
Lesson plans, activities, modules, and curricula from the Center for Applied Second-Language Studies (CASLS).

The Language Classroom
Lesson plans and resources for a variety of languages plus information explaining why studying languages is important.

Foreign Language
Many lesson plans from Digital Wish.

1st SPOT Languages
Links to resources for many languages.

Search Engine Colossus
Search Engine Colossus allows you to enter the internet of individual countries through its international directory of search engines.

Awesome Library: Languages
Lesson plans and resources for a variety of languages.

Foreign Language House Lesson Archive
Many lesson plans for Spanish, French, and ESL, including several holiday-related lessons.   

World language Lesson Plans
From Teachnology.

Six Activities for Generating Enthusiasm in the Foreign Language Classroom
From the Internet TESL Journal.

Education World: Foreign Languages Subject Center
Lesson plans and other resources.

Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources
Links to sites for a variety of languages.

Sample Curriculum Units and Lesson Plans
Five sample units (Two Spanish and one each for Chinese, Russian, and French) from the Glastonbury, CT Public Schools.     

American Sign Language Lesson Plans and Resources
ASL University Lessons Page
Thirty lessons for a two-semester course from
"American Sign Language University" at

Using American Sign Language to Improve Comprehension and Vocabulary
An interesting lesson plan for grades 1-3 from Read-Write-Think.

American Sign Language
A lesson plan from
National First Ladies’ Library online curriculum in which students gain a basic understanding of American Sign Language.

Days on Deafness and American Sign Language
A unit for grades 2-4.

A Sense For Technology
An ASL lesson plan from Discovery Education.

Signs of Development    
Information and products for teaching and learning ASL.

American Sign Language and Signed English
A vocabulary index with pictures of signs for hundreds of word from Lesson Tutor. See their ASL site for many lesson plans.

Cultural Lesson in Introducing Oneself
One lesson plan from the above site.

Learning American Sign Language Using Alphabet Flash Cards
Suggested activities for learning/teaching ASL with flash cards. Also from Lesson Tutor.

A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms
A dictionary with both animated and text definitions.

American Sign Language Browser
A dictionary complete with pictures.

Sign Writing Site
Lesson plans and information for reading, writing, and typing sign languages.

SoundKeepers ASL Alphabet
A pictoral guide to the basic American Sign Language alphabet.

Sign the Alphabet
An on-line activity from

American Sign Language Teachers Association

History of Sign Language
A concise summary. See also About ASL.

The Deaf Resource Library
An online collection of reference material and links intended to educate and inform people about Deaf cultures in Japan and the United States as well as deaf and hard of hearing related topics.

Arabic Lesson Plans and Resources
Arabalicious Teaching Resources
See the top menu for secondary and primary resources as well as cultural knowledge.

Archive for Category Arabic
Lessons and resources for Arabic Tier I and Tier III from the Southern Area International Languages Network.

Arabic Language and Culture Lesson Plans
Many lessons from

The Arabic K-12 Teachers’ Newsletter
Includes a lesson plan for teaching about fruit.

Arabic Poetry: Guzzle a Ghazal
A lesson plan that engages students in reading and writing about an  Arabic poetic form. 

Body Vocabulary in Arabic
A 10-minute lesson.

American Association of Teachers of Arabic.   

What's in an Arabic Name?
English translations of Arabic names.

Middle East & Islamic Studies Collection: Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
Links to several interesting resources. Click here for the Middle East and Islamic Studies Collection home page.

Ectaco English-Arabic Online Dictionary
Translates from English to Arabic and visa versa. Click here for another online English-Arabic dictionary.

Arab Culture and Society
A lesson plan from the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee ( that provides suggestions for Arab-Americans who are speaking to K-12 students/classrooms. Many of the ideas and much of the information could be adapted to an introductory lesson plan on Arab culture. See their other lesson plans and resources.

The Arab Culture in Review: A Global Perspective
An Internet-based project in which students assume various roles within and related to the Arab culture. It consists of five activities and an assessment.

The Growth of Islam
A SCORE Cyberguide providing a 7th-grade Internet-based activity. See also Islamic Scientific Contributions to Civilization for another 7th-grade activity.

Arab American Chamber of Commerce

Chinese Lesson Plans and Resources
Mandarin Chinese Scheme of Work Lesson Plans
Free lesson plans for ages 7-11. See also
Mandarin Chinese Scheme of Work Lesson Plans - Unit 7: All Aboard.

Mandarin Draft Unit
From Qin Huang, Mandarin teacher at the USC US-China Institute.

Beginning to Advanced Lesson Plans for Teaching Mandarin Chinese
Many lesson plans from Bright Hub.

StarTalk and Mandarin Institute Lesson Plan
A 3rd-grade lesson plan in pdf.

Learning Chinese Online
Links to a huge list of sites for learning Chinese online.

Languages Online Chinese
Another huge list of links, not only for learning Chinese, but also about China.

Audio Tutorial of Basic Chinese
Developed by Haiwang Yuan.

Learn to Speak Mandarin
Language exchange via email, text chat, and voice chat.

Learn the Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture
Word of the day, quizzes, blog, survival phrases, free Chinese software, and other resources.

Basic Chinese Grammar
A slide show that reviews the basics of spoken standard Chinese grammar.
Search dictionary, online readings, Chinese chat room, etc.

Chinese-English Dictionary
A user-friendly, searchable dictionary.

Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
A lesson plan for grades K-2.

Chinese Cultural Studies: The Chinese Language and Writing
An article describing the various languages and dialects spoken in China.

Asian Geography
K-12 lesson plans for teaching about China and other Asian countries.

French Lesson Plans and Resources
Civilisation Francaise
Several lesson plans written in French.

Directions in French -
Lesson Plan 1
Scroll down the page to find 4 more lesson plans as well as the unit overview.

French Lesson Plans and Curricula
Several lesson plans from

French Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12
Many lesson plans from Bright Hub.

Education World: French
Four lesson plans and some links.

Quia French
Over 7000 lesson plans/activities!

French Lesson Plans
Primary lesson plans from Bishop Wordsworth School, UK.

French for Beginners
An introductory lesson plan.

Reading the French Newspaper Le Figaro
A lesson plan for Intermediate French from NCLRC. See also Ads in Popular French Magazines and Poetry Puzzle f
or other lesson plans from this source.

Kerpoof Lesson Plan: French Fairy Tales
A lesson plan for grades 5 and up.

A French Weather Report
A high school lesson plan.

Le Monde Francophone
A lesson plan for grade 7 integrating the French language with geography.

Four Days in Paris
A lesson plan for grades 3-8.

Des Vacances en Francais
A WebQuest for 8th grade. See also French WebQuest. 

French Connections
A lesson plan from EDSITEment that utilizes the Internet designed to strengthen student perceptions of the real-world importance of mastering a foreign language
. See also French and Family for another lesson plan from EDSITEment.

Around the World in One Semester!
A semester-long project from Learn NC about countries that speak the target language.

AP French Language and Culture Home Page
Many resources from the College Board.

French Teacher Net
Free resources and worksheets.

French Lesson Plans
"A formula for creating French lesson plans."

French to English and English to French Online Dictionary

Embassy of France
The ultimate source for information about France.

History of France: Primary Documents
Great source for transcriptions and translations of documents on French history.

Go to my world history page for lesson plans on French and European history.


German Lesson Plans and Resources

German Teaching Resources

From American Association of Teachers of German.

AP German Language and Culture Course Home Page
Course resources, classroom resources, lesson plans, reviews of teaching resources, etc.

Deutsche Internet Ubungen
Good source for German lessons and activities. See also Awesome Library German Lesson Plans and Resources.

German-American Teaching Resources and Units
Links to units, lesson plans, and resources.

German Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12
Many lesson plans from Bright Hub Education.  

Deutsche Internet Chronik
Ten German web units for elementary to advanced levels.

Selected Lesson Plans for First-Semester German

Vocabulary lists with practice exercises from Hartmut Rastalsky's Resources for German Students & Teachers. See also Interactive German Tutor.

Advertisements in German-American Cookbooks
A lesson plan for German I or II in which students recognize and use German vocabulary related to food.   

Ich Zweifle Es (I Doubt It)
A lesson plan for teaching German words for colors.

"Der Lehrling" (ein neues Erfrischungsgetränk): A Lesson Plan for Advanced German Students
From AP Central

German-Americans and Their Contributions
Two lesson plans on German Americans. See also A German-American Chronology.

History's Influence on German-American Culture
A high school unit designed to meet the Minnesota State Standard for history and culture. See also The Germans in America, a page developed by the Library of Congress.

Emigration and Immigration
A German-American lesson plan for grades 7-12. See also German Americans - 1990 Census Data and  German-American Chronology.

German Immigrants: Their Contributions to the Upper Midwest
A lesson plan in which students answer questions and practice their German while using photographs and documents from the American Memory Collection of the Library of Congress.

The Berlin Wall: Information Scavenger Hunt
Developed for use in a German I class.

German-American Internet Scavenger Hunt
A site I developed for Rocori Middle School German Day. See also German Americans: An Ethnic Experience.

German Holidays WebQuest
See also The Ultimate German Vacation.

Germany and America in the 20th Century: An Annotated Timeline
A companion site to German-American Internet Scavenger Hunt . It includes a timeline and links to sites providing information on individuals and events of significance to Germany and America during the 20th Century. See also  German History Sources.

German-English On-line Dictionary

The German Way and More
Impressive site with a lot of information. 

German Embassy and Information Center
Get information about Germany from the German government.

Greek Lesson Plans and Resources
I Learn Greek
Many lesson plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Introductory Ancient Greek Language
Twelve lesson plans from Wikiversity.

The Greek Alphabet: More Familiar Than You Think
A K-2 lesson plan.

It Came From Greek Mythology
Not a Greek language  lesson plan, but a very good lesson for grades 3-5.  See also Reflections of Ancient Greece.

Mr. Donn's Ancient Greece
Many lesson plans.

Greek-English Dictionary On Line

History of the Greek language
From Greek

Learn to Speak Greek
Learn Greek online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language.

Embassy of Greece.

Hmong Language Lessons
Lessons in the White Hmong dialect from Southeast Asian Refugee Studies.

Learn to Speak Hmong
A language exchange through which Hmong and English speakers can learn each other's language via email.

Teaching Hmong History And Culture Through Story Cloths
See also
Stories in Quilts.

Hmong Struggle
A secondary lesson plan from the Wisconsin Historical Society. See also
Hmong Among Us.

The Hmong in Our Midst
A resource for ELT classrooms.

Ten resources on How to Read and Write in Hmong
A list of links

Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center
A collection of resources relating to Hmong history, culture, language, and current events.

Tragedy of the Hmong
Historical information and a long list of links.

Italian Lesson Plans for Secondary Grades 6-12
Many lesson plans from Bright Hub including Italian Words and Phrases for Kids.

You Too Can Learn Italian!
Three introductory lessons.

Italian: Reviewing Reflexive Verbs and Reciprocals
A lesson plan for Italian II

Oggie Domini
Twenty free Italian lessons with audio.

Italian-English Dictionary
See also English to Italian Dictionary.

Embassy of Italy
First-hand source of information on Italy.

Italian Curriculum
A series of lesson plans aimed at students from kindergarten through 12th grade about Italian history and culture developed by
The Universality of Italian Heritage
in partnership with the Sons of Italy in America.

Italy: Life and Culture
A lesson plan in which students
gain an understanding of daily life in Italy, and compare and contrast life there to life in the United States.

L'Unione Sarda On Line
Italian newspaper online.

Italia Mia
A large list of links to Italian web sites.

Japanese Language and Culture Course Home Page
Course information, exam information and resources, special focus materials, lesson plans, and more.

Japanese Mosaic
Seven lesson plans on the Japanese language and culture from Mosaic: Linking Languages and Culture.

Classroom Materials Created in Japan
Materials including Power Points, lesson plans, unit organizers, worksheets, and more from the American Association of Teachers of Japanese, but
you will need an Apple Macintosh or Windows-based PC which is already enabled to display Japanese characters.

Language Links
Links to many resources from the California Association of Japanese Language Teachers

Matsuo Basho and Haiku
From the above site, this thematic unit provides
a standards-based introduction to Basho, haiku, and their Japanese context for intermediate to advanced students of Japanese."

Japanese Language Education
Lesson plans for teaching culture in Japanese language classes as well as well as information about Japanese language education.

Free Japanese Lessons
Several online Japanese lessons from

Kerpoof Lesson Plan
A lesson plan for grades 3-6 in which students learn about the Japanese writing system and discuss the differences between Japanese and English writing systems.

Reading Japanese Signs
A guide to understanding Japanese signs, billboards, plaques, banners, etc.

Embassy of Japan in Washington, D.C.

Click here to find K-12 lesson plans for teaching about Japan and other Asian countries.

Korean Language Education Clearinghouse

Resources for teaching Korean including pictorial exercises.

Introduction to Korean Language and Writing
A lesson plan from NCTA Ohio. See also Try Your Hand at Han’geul. You will have to click on "open" in the box which appears at the bottom of your screen to access this second lesson.

Korean/Writing lessons
Six lessons.

Korean Language, Culture, and History
A lesson plan for grades 11-12.

An Introduction to Korean
A tutorial with 9 lessons focusing on the alphabet, conversational phrases, parts of the body, family members, numbers, asking directions, and grammar.

Korean Children's Day
A mini-unit for grades 4-5. Click appendix to learn Yut (A Traditional Korean Game).

American Association of Teachers of Korean
See the Korean National Standards available at the iste.

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The Perseus Project
Eight Latin lesson plans

Latin Teach
A page for Latin teachers. See their resource
Latin Language Teaching Methodologies.

Latin: The Language of Ancient Rome
A lesson plan from the National First Ladies' Library.

Latin Vocabulary
Abbreviations, phrases, roots etc.

Roman Living
A comprehensive five-day lesson plan for beginning Latin students that introduces them to various aspects of ancient Roman culture.

Methods and Materials for Teaching Latin
Four lesson plans plus many more on the Teaching Portfolios Page.

Lesson Plans and Ideas
From Latin Alive.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
From the Notre Dame Archives. See also English-Latin On-Line Dictionary.

Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Activities from Mr. Donn's pages.

Welcome to Rome
Have your students take a tour. 

Native Languages Lesson Plans and Resources
For lesson plans and units on Native Americans, click here.
Traditions and Languages of Three Native Cultures: Tlingit, Lakota, and Cherokee
A high-quality lesson plan in which students understand the importance of maintaining the traditions and languages of native languages; they also learn to say a few words in each of the above languages.

Fun with Numbers
An elementary-grade lesson plan from Education World's Activities to Celebrate Native American Heritage in which students learn Lakota Sioux words for numbers.

What's in a Name?
Another lesson plan from Education World in which students learn the origin of the names of U.S. states that were derived from Native American words.

Native American Tribes of Wisconsin
Scroll down the page for teaching and learning activities.

Learning the Lakota Language
A lesson from Bright Hub.

Culture, Language & Families
A high school lesson plan on Native American cultures and languages.

Lakota Information Home Page
Resources, tribal sites, maps, history, treaties, language, etc.

Native Tech: Ojibwe
Culture, art, history, language, and people. See also
Native Languages of the Americas: Ojibwe.

Teaching Indigenous Languages
Links to resources including full-text publications.

Native American Data Base
A huge collection of links to sites for Native American culture and wisdom.

Native American Tribal Directory
See also Native American Nations.

Tribal Name Meanings

WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
An extensive index of Native American language resources on the Internet.

Norwegian Lesson Plans and Resources
Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month
Thirty on-line lessons from the Sons of Norway.

Norwegian Lessons 1 and 2
Lessons on greetings and numbers.

Norwegian/Lesson 1
See also lessons 2 and 3.

Legacy Norwegian Lessons
From My Little Norway.

English-Norwegian/Norwegian-English Online Dictionary

Norwegian Daily Newspaper online.

NORWAY: Exploring New Horizons
Information and suggested activities for a secondary unit on Norway.

An "American Letter" by Norwegian Immigrants
Not a language lesson, but an interesting lesson plan none the less.

For lesson plans on Vikings, go to my World History Page.

Polish Lesson Plans and Resources
Polish Lessons for Beginners
Ten lessons.

Polish Language
Learning games for numbers, colors, food, clothing, etc.

Learn Polish - Most Used Expressions
On YouTube. See also
Polish Pronunciation Guide Unit 1.

Polish-English, English-Polish Dictionary
See also Polish Pronunciation Guide

Polish News Online
Polish-language newspaper published in Bensenville, Illinois.

Embassy of Poland
A great source for information about Poland.

Polish National Alliance
Information for Polish-Americans.

Polish World
Information and links for art, culture, education, entertainment, government, etc.

Polonia Today Online
The history of Poland.

A 3rd-grade thematic unit. See also Polish Studies Lesson Plans for a 5th-grade unit.

Russian Lesson Plans and Resources
Course of Russian Language in Picture
Pictures for basic Russian words.

Russian Language Lessons
From Russian Lessons.Net.

Cyrillic Alphabet
Russian alphabet with sounds.

Counting in Russian (cardinal numbers)
From Russian Language.Net. See also
Russian Vocabulary.

Affectionate Russian Phrases: Tender words in Russian
A lesson from Bright Hub.

Crees Crossroads
Information on Russian language history and a lesson plan titled, "Alphabet Soup." Scroll down the page for the lesson plan.

Online Russian Test
The site also includes Russian travel information for visitors, free Russian teachers’ resources, St. Petersburg city map, and photo gallery.

English -Russian Dictionary
See also Russian: An Interactive, On-Line Reference Grammar.

Roy's Russian Language Resources
A list of Internet resources.

Window to Moscow
Information on the weather, business, or metropolitan transportation

Face of Russia: Living Under Communism
A high school lesson plan. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access 4 other lessons from the Face of Russia unit.

Geography Lesson Plan: Russia
A 5th-grade lesson plan.

Mr. Donn's Russia and Her Neighbors
Many lesson plans and resources.

Spanish (Scroll down the page for Latin American/Hispanic literature lesson plans)
Spanish Lesson Plans
More than 50 lesson plans from Teachnology.

NCRLC Spanish Collection
Four lesson plans dealing with Spanish culture. See also
Lecciones presentadas durante la inmersion for 10 more lesson plans from their summer institute and Lessons and Activities Index for additional lesson plans.

Several lesson plans from Education World.

Lesson Plans to Teach Spanish Units
Lesson plans and worksheets from Spanish4Teachers.

The Spanish Teacher: Lesson Plans
Lesson plans for Spanish I and II.

Spanish Language Guides and Study Tips
From Bright Hub Education.

Teaching Ideas: Spanish
From the UK.

Spanish Language Teacher's Guide
From AP Central

More Spanish
Lesson plans and technology for the Spanish classroom.

Paso Partners
Elementary lesson plans integrating Spanish with math, science, and language.

Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish with these free online lessons.

Division of Syllables in Spanish

An elaborate lesson plan for grades 6-12.

Spanish Language Song Lyrics|
A lesson plan for Spanish 2 and above. See also
Clothes Unit in Spanish and Spanish Customers for other lesson plans from this source.
Quia Spanish
A searchable collection of lesson ideas.   

Cultural Aspects of Spanish in America
A unit for secondary Spanish language teachers.

Speak Spanish in 60 Days
Sixty mini-lessons.

Spanish Made Easy
Lessons, vocabulary, phrases.

Web Spanish Lessons
Three online lessons.

De Colores
A lesson plan from EDSITEment for young learners at the beiginning or intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. See also La Familia.

Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead
A unit for grades 9-12. See also Day of the Dead Unit (grades 4-5) and El Dia de los Muertos Mini Unit.

Hispanic Immigration: America in the Year 2000
A high school unit.

Cinco de Mayo
An middle school WebQuest. See also Cinco de Mayo for Teachers.

Twentieth Century Latin American Writing
Ten units from the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. See also Family Ties in Latin American Fiction and The Modern Short Story in Latin America.

Hispanic World Unit
An electronic field trip.

Spanish - English and English-Spanish Translation
See also their Spanish-English dictionary.

Border and Latin America Information
Excellent site for Latin American studies from the University of New Mexico.

Mexico OnLine
Directory of information about Mexico. See also Mexico Connect.

History of Mexico
A wealth of information.

Swahili Lesson Plans and Resources   
For other African languages, see Appreciating African Languages (an elementary lesson plan) and English Afrikaans On-line Dictionary.

Jumbo Means Hello: An Introduction to Swahili
A lesson plan for the early elementary grades from Africa: It's Not a Country.

An Introduction to Counting in Swahili
An elementary-grade lesson plan teaching how to count in the Swahili language.  See also Swahili Counting Book.

Is African a Language?
A middle-grade lesson plan from Xpeditions which "
introduces students to the study of languages (known as linguistics), the linguistic categorization of African languages, and several perceived effects of Africa's linguistic diversity."

ALI Swahili Karibu!
Listen to Swahili, read about the Swahili language and culture, or take a short "test."

Swahili Exercises for Listening and Reading
Fifteen exercises developed to be used in an introductory Swahili class.

Swahili Lessons
From Swahili Language & Culture.

Internet Living Swahili Dictionary
Translates English to Swahili and visa versa. 

A Brief History of the Swahili Language
A concise, well-written page.

Language Links: Swahili
A long list of annotated links

Template: Introduction to Swedish
Many lessons including common phrases. See also Swedish/Introduction.

Bjorn Engdahl's Swedish Course
A pronunciation guide, 7 lessons, and a final exam.

A Swedish Language Course
An online course. See also Free Swedish Language Course and Lessons Online

Swedish Grammar
Alphabet, pronunciation, and parts of speech.

Swedish-English Dictionary
Translate from Swedish to English and visa versa.

Sweden and the Swedish Language
Information and links.


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