Classroom Management
Last updated 9-5-2017.


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What is Your Classroom Management Profile?

Fill out the on-line questionnaire and find out.

Your Own Classroom Court
An activity designed for teachers who would like to allow their students to have a more active role in setting classroom rules, in decision-making, and as a means of settling differences.

How to Develop Positive Classroom Management
"Proactive tips" from educators.

Creating and Implementing Effective Rules and Consequences
An excellent overview.

Elements of a Discipline Plan
A form to complete with your responses as well as examples.

Guidelines for Discipline Plan Development
Guidelines for school-wide discipline from the Vermont Department of Education.

Maintaining Classroom Discipline
A list of suggestions from the Kansas National Education Association.

Developing a Discipline Plan
Descriptions of seven approaches to classroom management.

Classroom Discipline Resources and Links
A large collection of links from

Behavior Management
Another list of links from ProTeacher.

Relational Discipline Strategies
From the Teacher's Workshop.

Discipline with Dignity
An article describing the basics of Richard Curwin's approach to classroom management.

Reality Therapy
The basics of William Glasser's approach to counseling and classroom management.

The Honor Level System: Discipline by Design
Information about this approach to classroom management.

Cooperative Discipline
A good site for basic information. See also Why Do Children Misbehave? for information on the four goals of misbehavior as well as
STEP and Positive Discipline Series for similar approaches.

Boys Town Education Model
A brief overview of the model. See also the Boys Town home page.

Assertive Discipline
A good overview complete with activities and discussion questions.

Positive Reinforcement
What it is and why it works. See also Punishment and Positive Reinforcement: Which One Works?

Behavior Management Strategies
Definitions of behavior managment/modification techniques.

Time Out and Other Discipline Tools that Work
An article describing time out, logical consequences, and setting reasonable limits.

Positive Psychology and School Discipline
An informative article from The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

A Generation Later: What We've Learned about Zero Tolerance in Schools
See also Zeroing Out Zero Tolerance.

School Punishment
Information on six types of punishment commonly used in schools. See also Negative Reinforcement vs. Punishment in Elementary Schools.

Corporal Punishment in U.S. Schools
See also States with Corporal Punishment in Schools. and Corporal Punishment in Schools, by State.

Eight Things We Know
More information on corporal punishment. See also Alternatives to Corporal Punishment, Spanking: Fact and Fiction, and 
Corporal Punishment in Schools and Its Effect on Academic Success.

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