Your Emerging Theory/Philosophy
of Teaching and Learning

Print a copy of the rating scale (copy and paste it into a Word file), then rate the extent of your agreement with each of the following statements. Write a 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, or 7 depending on your opinion. Refer to the explanation below for determining values of the ratings. Please rate EVERY statement.

7 = strongly agree, 6 = agree for the most part, 5 = agree a little, 3 = disagree a little, 2 = disagree for the most part, 1 = strongly disagree  (Note that you cannot give a rating of 4)

____ 1. Students need praise, good grades, or other rewards in order to learn effectively.

____ 2. The best learning occurs when students discover answers for questions and problems themselves rather than having the answers told to them.

____ 3. Learning has occurred when there is a measurable change in student behavior.

____ 4. School learning should involve the total development of the person, not only cognitively, but also socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

____ 5. True learning requires the active creation of knowledge structures (schemes or concept systems). 

____ 6. Fostering social and emotional development in students is just as important as the development of academic skills.

____ 7. Learning occurs best when the overall task is broken down into a sequence of short, easily- accomplished steps. 

____ 8. It is important to help students organize their thinking by teaching them general concepts (or schemes) before they learn more specific information.

____ 9. Students can be trusted to find their own goals and should be given choices as to what and how they will learn.

____10. Helping students feel good about themselves is just as important as the academic skills they are taught.

____11. Students learn best when they have the opportunity to observe a demonstration or example of what is being taught.

____12. Meaningful learning occurs when students mentally create knowledge structures (schemes or concepts) by combining new ideas with their prior knowledge (existing schemes or concepts).

____13. Significant learning only takes place when the subject matter is perceived by the student as having relevance to his/her life and when personal meaning can be attributed to it.

____14. The teacher should be a facilitator of learning rather than a presenter of knowledge.

____15. Learning objectives or outcomes should be identified and stated before the teaching process begins.

____16. Students learn best when they are actively involved in solving problems or completing tasks that lead to the creation of knowledge structures (concepts or schemes).

____17. For the most effective learning, studentsí errors should be minimized and successes maximized.

____18. Learning requires the mental processing of information, in other words the acquisition, organization, and storage of knowledge.

____19. Practicing the skills being taught is essential for effective learning.

____20. Students can learn through teacher presentation as long as the content is organized so as to help students mentally process, organize, and store the new information.

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