White Bass

Of the species listed, only the white bass, pictured below, is a "true" bass. Largemouth, smallmouth. warmouth, and rock bass are all in the sunfish family. If you are skeptical, go to Sunfish Family for verification! White bass (Morone chrysops) are related to the larger striped bass, a salt water species, which has been successfully introduced into many large, freshwater lakes, though not here in Minnesota. White bass are primarily river fish and are common in the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers as well as their tributaries. The range of its smaller relative, the yellow bass, is limited to the backwaters of the Mississippi River below Lake Pepin (Minnesota DNR, 2014). The Minnesota state record for white bass is 4 ponds, 0 ounces, and the world record is 5 pounds, 9 ounces. However, the typical size of one caught in Minnesota is about a pound (Minnesota DNR).


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Photos courtesy of  Jay T. Hatch, Natural History of Minnesota Fishes. Reprinted with permission.

Background courtesy of Create It~101.