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Six species of redhorse are native to Minnesota: the greater, black, golden, river, silver, and shorthead (pictured above), which is the most common species of redhorse in Minnesota. All are members of the sucker family, as are the white sucker, quillback, and the various species of buffalo fish (such as the bigmouth buffalo). Redhorse, like other members of this family, are bony but edible, and are often pickled or smoked. Though these species are considered undesirable rough fish and are generally not pursued by anglers, the DNR does keep records for many members of the sucker family. In case you're interested, available records for the species listed above are shorthead redhorse, 7-15; river redhorse, 12-10; golden redhorse, 4-13; silver redhorse, 10-6; greater redhorse, 12-11; white sucker, 9-1; quillback carpsucker, 7-4; and bigmouth buffalo, 41-11 (Minnesota DNR, 2019.

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Photos courtesy of  Jay T. Hatch, Natural History of Minnesota Fishes. Reprinted with permission.

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