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For sites about polio vaccines and post-polio syndrome, scroll down the page.

Communicable Disease fact Sheet: Poliomyelitis
Concise information on symptoms, incubation period, treatment, complications, etc. from the New York State Department of Health. See also WHO - Poliomyelitis.

Polio This Week
The latest information on polio outbreaks around the world.

Polio Disease and Poliovivus Containment
See also Picornaviruses and 11 Facts about Polio.
Polio History

An excellent site for learning about the history of polio in Canada.

Famous People who had and have Polio
A long list complete with links and additional information.

FDR Library and Museum

Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute
See also The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. For many lesson plans on FDR, click here. and then scroll down the page.

The Iron Lung and Other Equiptment
Information and history. See also Iron Lung.

Sister Elizabeth Kenny Biography
See also Sister Kenny: Confronting the Conventional in Polio Treatment.

Polio Vaccination
Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. See also A Look at Each Vaccine: Polio Vaccine.

About Jonas Salk
See also the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and The Story of the Salk Anti-Poliomyelitis Vaccine.  

Hauck Center for the Albert  B. Sabin Archives
A biography and other resources. See also Two Vaccines.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative
Information on current efforts to eradicate polio worldwide.

Post-Polio Health
Information for polio survivors, their families, and the health care community.

Post-Polio Place
More information about PPS.

Post-Polio Syndrome
An excellent set of resources for those wishing to learn about PPS.
researchers, medical professionals, polio survivors, family, friends, students, and others interested in post-polio syndrome.

Disability Social History Project
An excellent page with many resources for those wishing to learn about disability history. See also Disability Rights History Timeline.


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