Northwest Angle Worksheet

1. Locate the Northwest Angle using Google Maps GPS Coordinates or a similar web site based on its longitude and latitude (4923′50.28″N, 9508′56.7″W or decimal degrees 49.3973, -95.14908333333333). Draw a small circle around it on the U.S. Midwest Region Outline Map.

2. In what state is the NW Angle located?

3. What two Canadian provinces does it border?

4. What is the name of the lake that makes up much of the NW Angle?

5. Describe how the NW Angle became part of the United States.

6. How can someone get to the NW Angle? Name two ways.

7. How many people live there according to the 2010 census?

8. What Native American tribe has a reservation there?

9. Name the fort located in the NW Angle that was built by the French in 1732?

10. Why did they build a fort in that location?

11. Where do students who live in the NW Angle attend school?

12. List some things people might do when staying at one the the resorts located in the NW Angle.

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