Worksheet for Lake Agassiz: What, Where, When?

1. In what states and Canadian provinces was Lake Agassiz located?

2. How large was the lake, and how did its size compare to the Great Lakes?

3. How was the lake formed?

4. Using the U.S.A. and Canada map, draw the outline of Lake Agassiz.   

5. For approximately how long did the lake exist?

6. Why did it drain, and how long ago did this happen?

7. Where did the water go?

8. Name five lakes that were once part of Lake Agassiz.

9. Which glacial river formed the Minnesota River Valley?

10. What evidence exists of the lake's former boundaries?

11. What are the spearheads called that provide evidence of human activity near Lake Agassiz?   

12. What extinct animals were likely hunted with these spearheads?

13. Name five kinds of fish that were present in Lake Agassiz.

14. The lake is named after Louis Agassiz. Who was he?


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