Lake Agassiz: What, Where, When?

Lesson Plan and Worksheet
Last updated 12-23-2021


This brief lesson plan involves learning about Glacial Lake Agassiz by reading an essay and completing a worksheet. It is appropriate for students in the intermediate grades and above.

Objective: Students will acquire knowledge about Glacial Lake Agassiz.

Lesson Introduction: Ask how many students have heard of Lake Agassiz. Then ask them to tell you what they know about it. List students pre-knowledge on the board and then explain that students will work in pairs and answer questions about Lake Agassiz based on information in the essay, "Lake Agassiz: The Ultimate Fishing Spot?" They may also want to look at various additional Internet sites provided in the online essay as they answer questions and record their answers on a worksheet.

Procedure: Assign partners or place students in groups of four. Distribute the worksheet, essay, and outline map of the U.S.A. and Canada. Having computer access for each pair or group is preferable, but projecting the map of Lake Agassiz on a screen or SmartBoard will work.

Closure: When students have completed the worksheet, check their work to be sure their answers are correct. Then have them compare their answers to the preconceptions you have listed on the board.


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