Channel Catfish

The channel catfish (pictured above) is native to the Mississippi, Minnesota, St. Croix, Red, and St. Louis rivers as well as many of their tributaries. Since it is more easily raised in a hatchery than its relative the flathead catfish, it is the catfish species that has been introduced in lakes and rivers throughout the state (MN DNR, 2014). Though channel cats grow to a relatively large size (the state record is 38 pounds, 0 ounces) and are good eating, they are not nearly as popular among Minnesota anglers as they are among those of many other states. For information on cleaning catfish, see How to Skin and Clean Catfish, and for recipes, go to U.S. Catfish

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Photos courtesy of  Jay T. Hatch, Natural History of Minnesota Fishes. Reprinted with permission.

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