Language for Speaking and Writing About Disabilities

Correct each of the following sentences using the guidelines presented in class, including (and especially) people-first language.

1. Her daughter is autistic.

2. The ARC is an organization that helps the intellectually handicapped..

3. I took a class about learning disabled children.

4. Gallaudet is a college for the deaf.

5. A learning disabilities teacher has many opportunities to help the mentally challenged.

6. I donate money to organizations that help the handicapped.

7. After suffering a spinal cord injury, he became a paraplegic and was confined to a wheelchair.

8. He is a polio victim who currently suffers form post-polio syndrome.

9. We saw a video about a schizophrenic woman.

10. She is afflicted with multiple sclerosis and is bedridden.

11. He was crippled from birth.

12. There was a blind girl in my calculus class.

13. There is a retarded boy in my daughter's kindergarten class.

14. There are a lot more learning disabled children today than there were 30 years ago.

15. My mother has a handicapped parking permit.

16. My neighbor teaches emotionally disturbed children.


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