Health, Nutrition, P.E., and Sexual Health

This page contains lesson plans for the health, nutrition, P.E, and sexuality education.
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Lesson Plans and Resources

Health Lesson Plans
PE Central Health Lesson Plans
An excellent source for lesson plans and resources.

Awesome Library Health and Nutrition Lesson Plans

National Crime Prevention Council: Activities and Lesson Plans
Many safety-related lesson plans.

Free Coronavirus Science Lesson Plans
One for elementary and one for secondary

Healthy Choices, Healthy Me!
Curriculum from the California Department of Education..  

Teaching Heart's Dental Health Unit
For grades K-3.

Smile Smarts Oral Health Curriculum
Many dental health lessons for grade 8 from the American Dental Association.

Body Systems Project
A 6-8 activity in which students identify, describe and diagram parts of various body systems.

Artery Demonstration
A grades 3-5 lesson plan designed to teach kids what may happen when they do not eat properly or participate in physical activity regularly.

Muscles Mania
A K-6 lesson that teaches students the major muscles through word association and movement.

'Dem Bones
A lesson plan for grade 4-5 on the skeletal system

Germs Evertwhere
Lesson ideas from

Surgeon General's Report
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 on the new health and physical activity standards.

First Aid Kit
A lesson for grades 3-5 which teachers children about the contents of a first aid kit.

First Aid Booklet
A lesson plan for grades 5-7 in which students create their own first aid booklet.

Rescue Procedures: CPR and First Aid
A high school lesson plan.

Gender and Tobacco
A lesson plan for grades 7-9. See also The Great American Smokeout for anti-smoking activities from Education World. 

Lung Disease
A lesson plan for grades 6-8 on the effects of smoking.

Smoking Aerobics
A 6-12 lesson plan designed to show how smoking tobacco affects physical activity.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Dugs
A activity for grades 2-3. See also Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs: Grades 4-5.

Another 6-12 lesson plan designed to show the effects of drugs and alcohol on our ability to perform tasks.

Ask a
Great site for crime prevention and safety lesson plans.

Common Vaccinations
A lesson plan for grades 6-8.

The Polio History Pages
Information for teaching about polio and its history.

Fighting Invisible Enemeies
A lesson plan on bacteria and antibiotics.   
Noncommunicable and Communicable Diseases
A lesson plan for grades 6-12.

An activity designed to illustrate that sexual activity results in the risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases.

Resources for HIV and AIDS Lesson plans and Activities
See also HIV Project.

Sexuality Education Lesson plans and Resources
Sex Ed Library
Many lesson plans on a variety of topics including Reproductive Health and Sexuality and Society.

Teaching Sexual Health - Canada
A "Teaching Portal" with lesson plans, teaching tools, resources and more.

Getting Ready to Teach Sexuality Education
Four Activities from Advocates for Youth.

The Circles of Human Sexuality
 One activity from the source above.

Sample Sexual Health Lesson Plan
A high school lesson plan aligned with Illinois State Goal/Learning Standard 23.

Taking Care of Your Sexual Health
A lesson plan for ages 9-15.

Advocates for Youth - Lesson Plans
Many lesson plans designed to help young people protect themselves from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Talking about Sexuality and Values
One lesson plan from the above source.

Smart Choices about Sex
lesson plan for grades 7-12 in which students explore peer pressure as it relates to sex and their decision whether to yield to such pressure.

An activity designed to illustrate that sexual activity results in the risk of contacting sexually transmitted diseases.

AIDS: Who's at Risk?
A lesson plan for grades 9-12 from

Resources for HIV and AIDS
Lesson plans and Activities

Sexual Harassment
A high school lesson plan in which students define, identify examples of, and consider appropriate responses to sexual h

GLSEN Educator Resources
Many resources regarding gay/lesbian issues for teachers including educator guides; LBGT-inclusive curriculum; and lesson plans on bullying, bias, and diversity.

History of same-Sex Marriage in the United States
A lesson plan alligned with the New Jersey State Standards.

Winning the Right to Marry: Historic Parallels
A lesson plan for grades 8 and up.

Constitutional Ammendments and Gay Marriage
A discussion-based high school lesson plan utilizing online background documents.

Understanding Families with Gay and Lesbian Parents
A lesson plan for grades K-6.

Teaching and Learning About Gay History Issues
Many lesson plans from the NY Times.

Nutrition Lesson Plans and Resources
Nutrition Education -  Curricula and Lesson Plans
Lesson plans and resources from the USDA.

High School Presentations and Lesson Plans
From the Nutrition Education Program at Drexel University.

Nutrition WebQuest
For 9th-grade health class.

Using the Food Pyramid

A lesson plan for grades 6-8.

Internet Nutrition
A lesson plan for grades 6-12.

Fast Food
A high school lesson plan. See also Fast Food Alert.

Nutritional Budgeting
A lesson plan for grades 6-12 applying nutritional principles to meal planning and financial budgeting.

Sugar for Breakfast
A lesson plan for grades 6-12 designed  to help students understand how easy it is to overeat sugary cereals at breakfast.

What is Cholesterol?
A lesson plan for grades 9-12.

Eating Disorders Lesson Plan
See Eating Disorders Unit.

Hearing Between the Lines
A lesson plan on
self-esteem, body image, and eating disorders.

Physical Education Lesson Plans and Resources

Fun-Attic Game and Activity Guide
Looking for new and different games to play with your students? This site has them! It also offers free fund-raising ideas, sports history and rules information, and recreational products for sale.

PE Central (K-2 Lesson Ideas, 3-5 Lesson Ideas, Middle/High School Lesson Ideas)
Perhaps the best source for P.E. lessons. In addition to the menus above, see also their P.E. Assessment Ideas and Holiday Lesson Plan Menu, which lists p. e. activities designed for specific holidays.

Teachers.Net P.E. Lesson Plans
Twenty-two lesson plans for a variety of grade levels.

Physical Education Lesson Plan Page
Many P.E. lesson plans.

Lining Up Strategies
Several ideas for getting elementary students to line up and move in a safe, quiet, and controlled manner.

Teacher Basketball Lesson Plan Booklet
Ten lesson plans . See also Basketball Station Team Challenge.

Titanic - A Great Cooperative Game
An elementary lesson plan.

Fitness Analysis
A high school lesson plan.

Fitness Education Unit Plan
For middle school.

Fitness Fun Times Five
From Education World.

Emotion Walk
Another movement lesson plan.

Movement and Music ONE!
An elementary lesson plan. See also Rhythmic Pattern and Expressive Movement.

Dance lesson Ideas
A good selection of dance lesson plans from  P.E. Central. See also Dance Toolkit.

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