Comma Worksheet # 2

Complete the sentences below by correctly inserting commas and semi-colons.

1. Although Erica was exhausted after her cross-country meet she nevertheless got up early the next morning.

2. Robin wanted to stay however she knew her parents would not like it if she did.

3. Heather enrolled in calculus French history and AP English.

4. Mr. Thomas glanced at Mike who appeared to be sleeping and said "I sure hope I'm not keeping any of you up past your bedtimes."

5. The Silver Maple is a tall graceful tree but its wood is soft and it is susceptible to wind damage.

6. During the last three summers Juan has worked at Burger King Wendy's and Sears.

7. Kendra never liked dogs she preferred to own a cat.

8. Nick who was trying to pretend he didn't care became so flustered that his bright red face gave away his true feelings.   

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