Sauk Rapids Sportsman’s Club
Fishing League Rules for 2016


   1.       Eligibility – Teams must consist of 2 paid members of the Sauk Rapids Sportsman’s Club and the fishing league.  Alternates are allowed in place of absent members; however, at least one paid member must be present in order for points to be awarded.   

   2.      Fees and Payouts***New in 2016***  There will be no fees for the fishing league in 2016 as long as the SRSC member’s dues are up to date.  The club will pay out the purse at the end of the season.  The purse will be determined at $50 per boat after the second week of fishing (See payout chart on bottom).

   3.      Membership – The league shall be limited to 10 teams.

   4.       Length of Season – The 2014 season will be 12 weeks long.  Each team will pick their best 10 weeks scores for a total at the end of the season. 

   5.      Fishing Hours 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM.  It is very important to observe the starting and ending times.  Failure to observe times will result in the forfeiture of points earned that night. An attendance point will still be awarded in the event of a disqualification due to late retur Concessions will be made for      legitimate mechanical failures.  Fishing times may be changed for an evening ONLY if ALL teams agree with the change (must be unanimous).    

   6.       Ease Off – The ease off time from the access area will be 5 minutes prior to the scheduled fishing start time.  All teams who are present on the water at this time are required to participate in the ease off.  Teams who arrive late are not subject to this requirement.  Teams who arrive early must NOT leave the access before ease off

   7.       Pre-Fishing – All pre-fishing will cease on that weeks scheduled lake on the preceding Sunday evening, (i.e. no pre-fishing on Mon. or Tues.) on the scheduled lake.  Teams violating that rule will forfeit their points for the week.

   8.       Weather Postponements – Use common sense, if you feel you’re in danger, leave the lake.  Find another league team to score your fish and record your points for the evening.

   9.       Methods Of Fishing –Any legal means of angling are allowed with no bait restrictions. 

   10.   Measure In – At the end of each night's fishing, teams wishing to have their fish measured will bring them to the measuring area.  All fish must be legal according to the state guidelines for each lake.  All fish will be measured from the tip of the closed mouth to the tip of the pinched tail.  Points will be awarded accordingly.  If you are not going to keep the fish they are to be released to the water carefully and gently. 

   11.   Scoring – A point system is used for keeping score.  Each team is allowed to score 6 fish of any species listed on the attached point size chart, except musky where the limit is one per person.  Trophy fish may be measured on the water by another team for prompt release.  No more than 6 fish are to be counted by a given team each week.  All state laws and regulations are to be observed.  (Some lakes may have their own special restrictions.)  No team shall count more than 1 legal possession limit in one week (ex. 1 walleye over 20” per person per week [state law).  The longest rough fish of the night will be worth 1 point.  Only 1 rough fish point will be awarded per night.  The rough fish must be counted in the 6 fish limit, not in addition to it.

Bonus Fish - A bonus species will be assigned to some of the lakes.  This species will be worth double points that night.  Lakes with TBA assigned will have the bonus fish drawn just prior to ease off.  Each of the six scoreable species plus one blank chip indicating no bonus fish will be included in the drawing.  Once a species chip is drawn it will be discarded.     

   12.    Check In – Even if you fail to catch any measurable fish, you must check in at the measuring area to receive your one point for participation. 

   13.   Sportsmanship – Because we are representing the S.R.S.C. to the public, we must follow the highest standards of courtesy, safety, and conservation.  Any behavior deemed inappropriate by club members may result in expulsion from the fishing league.

   14.    Dead Fish – All fish determined to be dead at the measure in are to be removed by the team that caught them.  Dead fish will not be returned to the water or left at the access.   

   15.     Parking Lot Courtesy – Because of very limited parking at most accesses, teams should make every effort to arrive in one vehicle if possible.  Do not park single vehicles in the truck and trailer parking spots. 

   16.    Multi-Species Rule – Any team with measurable fish of any 4, 5, or 6 of our measurable species will be awarded bonus points. 

4 species = 4 bonus points,

      5 species = 5 bonus points,

      6 species = 6 bonus points.

       Rough fish will only count if it is the longest one caught that night. 

Bonus Tournaments – ***New in 2015*** There will be four bonus tournaments.  The first three will be tournament style nights open to all SRSC members that wish to attend.  Regular fishing league rules will apply.  The cost will be $10/person and payout will depend on how many participants attend.  The scores for these nights will still count in the regular season totals for all fishing league participants.  The last will occur after the regular season ends and will be run in the same style as the first three except there will be no bonus fish.


Boats $ Total POT 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
1 $50 $50    
2 $100 $60 $40  
3 $150 $75 $45 $30
4 $200 $100 $60 $40
5 $250 $155 $75 $50
6 $300 $150 $90 $60
7 $350 $175 $105 $70
8 $400 $200 $120 $80
9 $450 $225 $135 $90
10 $500 $250 $150 $100


 Results are posted on the Minnesota Anglers League Home Page:

  or go to any search engine and type "Minnesota Anglers League"

 Have Fun and Good Fishing

Questions contact Judd Machula at 320-290-9776 (work cell), or email at or 320-420-0001 or