Searches: Use these web sites to search the Net
If you are seeking specific information, use plus signs between your search words (art +history). Using this method with the Google search box below will narrow your search to those sites that include all of your descriptors in any order. Putting the words in quotes  ("art history") will limit your search results to only those pages with that exact phrase.


Other Search Engines:
If you don't find what you need with Google, try It is a gateway to  many search engines, gives tips for effective searching, and provides a directory of search engines categorized by General, World, Topical, and Reference.
The most popular search engine.

Still among the best and most comprehensive search engines. I especially like their advanced search capabilities.

Sounds bad, works good!

Another excellent search engine.


Yahoo search engine for kids.

Web Crawler

Ask Jeeves
Enter your search request as a question.

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Among the best search engines for children.

Phoenix Gate
Search with many different "engines" all at once.

Education World
Education search engine with links to over 110,000 sites.

Search Engine Colossus
Search the internet of 232 countries around thwe world through this international directory of search engines.

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