Choosing Apple Varieties
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Use the links below to help choose apple varieties (kinds of apples) for your orchard. Links are available to lists of recommended varieties for 40 states. Most of these links are to lists provided by a state university extension service. Unfortunately, all states do not offer online versions of their extension publications. If there is no link to a list of suggested apple varieties for your state, choose apples that are recommended for a state near yours or with a similar climate. A second alternative would be to choose varieties appropriate for your location from the links which offer descriptions of many apple varieties. Be sure to use the
USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map   to find the zone in which your community is located in order to make sure that all of the apple varieties you choose will be hardy enough to survive the winter. If the extension site for your state only lists but does not describe the apple varieties they recommend, use sites immediately below to find more information. 

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Sites for Apple Variety Descriptions:
Apple Trees for Northern Climates (Saint Lawrence Nursery - NY)
The best list of apples, both modern and heirloom, for northern states, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Alaska..  It is an especially good site for finding hardiness information.

Big Horse Creek Farm - Master Variety List
Descriptions of about 300 varieties from this nursery located in North Carolina. This is an excellent source for descriptions of apples suitable for the southern or Appalachian regions.

Apple Varieties for Home Production
A huge alphabetical list of varieties suitable for various regions from

FairShare Recipe Exchange - Apple Varieties
Another alphabetical list. This one emphasizes the culinary uses of the varieties listed.

Nevas Apple Varieties Description Page    
One more long, alphabetical list.   

Apple Source (Descriptions of the apple varieties they sell)
Want to try some of the apples you've picked for your orchard? This site not only offers descriptions, but they also sell and ship more than 80 kinds of apples!

Choosing Apples (Apple Journal)
Brief descriptions of hundreds of varieties as well as information on disease-resistant varieties and a comparison (complete with pictures) of popular apples.

Trees of Antiquity
Descriptions of many heirloom (old) apple varieties. Click here for a table showing hardiness, uses, and other information for these varieties. 

Recommended Apple Varieties for 40 States :
If the link for your state does not tell you enough about apples recommended for your region, use the sites above to find out more about the varieties you are considering including in your orchard.
Apple Varieties in Alabama (Alabama Cooperative Extension)

Vegetable and Fruit Varieties for Interior Alaska (U. of Alaska - Fairbanks)
Recommended Varieties for South Central Alaska (UAF)
Alaska Apples

Fruit Trees: Planting and Varieties (University of Arizona)
Fruit Trees: Introduction and Plant Climate Zones (University of Arizona)

Apple Production in the Home Garden (U. of Arkansas)

Growing Temperate Tree Fruit and Nut Crops in the Home Garden and Landscape (University of California)

Fruit Fetish (Colorado State University)

Apples for Delaware

Low Chill Apple Cultivars for North and North Central Florida (IFAS Extension)

Home Garden Apples (U. of Georgia)

Apple Cultivars for East Idaho (U. of Idaho Extension)

Apples and More (U. of Illinois Extension)
Fruits and Nuts that Do Well in the Chicago Area (Bob Kurle's Fruit and Nut List)

Apple Cultivars for Indiana (Purdue U.)

Apple Varieties and Their Uses (Iowa State U.)
Suggested Apple Varieties for Home Gardens in Iowa (Iowa State U.)

Fruit and Nut Cultivars (KSU Extension)

The Louisiana Home Orchard (LSU Ag Center)

Apples Grown by Hillside Orchard (Manchester, Maine)
Apple Varieties (Ricker Hill Orchards - Turner, Maine)
Apple Varieties in Maryland (Maryland Apple Promotion Board)

100 Varieties (and that is only counting apples) (U. of Massachusetts Cold Spring Orchard)
Apples and Crab Apples (U. of Mass.)

Tree-Mendus (apple photos - Michigan)
Apple Scion/Rootstock Selection and Planning for Michigan (MSU)

Growing Apples and Pears in Minnesota Gardens (U. of Minn.)   
Apples for Minnesota and Their Culinary Uses (U. of M.)
Commercial Fruit Production in Minnesota (U of M)

Apple Cultivars and their Uses (U. of Missouri)
Missouri Apple Cultivars
Missouri Apple History

Fruit Tree Cultivars for Nebraska (U. Nebraska- Lincoln)

New Hampshire
Fruit Tree Cultivars for New Hampshire (UNH)
Dwarf Apple Trees for the Home Garden (University of New Hampshire)
Growing Fruit Trees (UNH)    

New Mexico
Fruit Species and Varieties for the Home Orchard (New Mexico State University)

New York
New York Apple Country Varieties
Apple Varieties Grown in NY State (Cornell Univ)
Grandpap's Apple Orchard (Ithaca College NY)

North Carolina
Producing Tree Fruit for Home Use (NCSU)
Apple Varieties and Descriptions (Big Horse Creek Farm, North Carolina)

North Dakota
Fruit Tree Culture and Varieties in North Dakota (NDSU)  

Apple and Peach varieties for Oklahoma (Oklahoma Cooperative Extension)

Apples: A Guide to Selection and Use (Ohio State Univ.)

Growing Fruits and Nuts in the Home Orchard (Oregon State U.)

Tree Fruit Production Guide (Penn. State U.)
Heirloom Mid-Atlantic Varieties (Pennsylvania)

South Carolina
Home and Garden Information Center - Apple (South Carolina - Clemson U.)

South Dakota
Fruit Cultivars for South Dakota (South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service)

Selecting Quality Apples (U. of Tennessee)

Home Fruit Production - Apples (Texas State U.)
Apple Varieties (Texas A. & M.)

Apples (Utah State U. Extension)

Vermont Apple Varieties (Vermont Apple Board)

Apple Variety Evaluations (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
Tree Fruit in the Home Garden (Virginia Tech)
Vintage Virginia Apples

Growing Tree Fruit at Home in Eastern Washington  (WSU)
Apples in Washington State (WSU)     
Apple Research/Variety Trials (WSU)
Backyard Apple Production (WSU)

Apple Cultivars for Wisconsin (U. or Wisc.)
Apples of Wisconsin (Dane Co. Conservation League)

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