Some Nurseries Selling Apple Trees
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Sources for the Northeast and Midwest:

Saint Lawrence Nursery (NY)  
The best source of apples and other fruits for cold climates (USDA Zones 3 or colder), SLN offers 153 apples, including many old and unique varieties! To insure their trees will survive in cold areas, they do not offer dwarf or semi-dwarf trees. All of their apple trees are grafted on rugged and very hardy Antonovka (standard) rootstock.

Miller Nurseries (Canandaigua, NY)
A good selection of apples and other fruits on a variety of rootstocks.

Southmeadow Fruit Gardens Catalog (Michigan)
A large selection of apple varieties (including many heirloom varieties) offered on dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstocks.

Jung Quality Seeds (Wisconsin)
A good source of trees for the midwest.
They offer trees on dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard rootstocks.

Gurney's Seed and Nursery (South Dakota)
Another good source for the midwest and upper midwest.

Adams County Nursery Stock - Apple Varieties (Aspers, Pennsylvania)
More than 70 apple varieties are offered on
several different dwarf and     semi-dwarf rootstocks.

Sources for the Southeast and South
Big Horse Creek Farm (North Carolina)
Specializing in apple trees for Appalachian Mountain areas, this nursery offers over 300 varieties of apples. They will custom-graft trees on the rootstock of your choice!
Cummins Nurseries - Apples (Tennessee)
A large selection of apples including disease-resistant, antique, and exotics. They will also custom-bud trees for you.

Sources for the West and Northwest:
Trees of Antiquity - Apple Trees (California)
Over 100 heirloom apple varieties.
They also sell other types of fruit trees.

Sandy Bar Ranch and Nursery (California)
SBRN offers fruit and nut varieties suited for the Pacific states, west of the Cascades.

Dave Wilson Nursery (Hickman, California)
Located near Modesto in the Sierra Nevada foothills, DWN offers a large selection of apple and other fruit trees suited to their climate.

R aintree Nursery (Morton, Washington)
Raintree Nurseries offers a large selection of apple varieties from mini-dwarfs to full-sized trees on hardy Antonovka rootstock.

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