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Apple History:
The American Apple Heritage

Great Moments in Apple History

History and Legends of Apples

The Story of Johnny Appleseed

Which Came First, the Seed or the Apple?

History of Apples in Canada

NY Apple Country History

Washington Apple Country History

History of Apple Cider

Apples from BC to Y2K

Links to Heirloom Orchards

Tasty Apples, Tasteless Names

Training and Pruning Apple Trees

Gardening Basics: Pruning Apple Trees

Training Young Apple Trees to the Modified Central Leader System

Pruning and Training Apple and Pear Trees

Pest and Disease Control:

Organic and Low Spray Apple Production

Organic Apple Spray Program

No-Spray Organic Apples

Apple Pest Control Schedule for New Jersey Home Orchards

Disease and Insect Spray Schedule for Home Orchards

Planting and Growing Apple Trees:
Apple Gardening Guide (National Gardening)

So You Want to Start an Orchard?

Planting and Care of  Fruit Trees

How Apples Are Grown

Home Fruit Production: Apples

Tree Fruit in the Home Garden

The Life of an Apple Tree
Growing Apples in Wisconsi n
Fifth Leaf (overview of a season of orchard care)

Choosing Apple Trees

Recommendations for Backyard Orchards (Dave Wilson Nurseries)

Other Apple WebQuests:
The Seasons of an Apple Tree (kdg)

You Are the Apple of My Eye (kdg.)

Apples! Apples! (K-2)

Apples (plant lifecycle)

Apple Quest (Apples in Arizona?)


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